Shere as a Film/Television Location

For over 100 years, Shere Village has used as a Film location and is one of the few places that boasts two James Bond actors (both knighted) who have made films here, Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore. Another Sir (Michael Caine) joined Roger Moore in the Film 'Bullseye" (directed by famed Hollywood director, Michael Winner). Hollywood greats such as Peter O'Toole, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Kim Hunter, Noel Coward, Joan Collins and most recent, Tom Cruise. BBC1 television production, Silent Wtness featuring Emilia Fox and TV mini-series (A Mothers Son), starring Hermione Norris, Martin Clunes and Paul McGann. Other british film/television stars such as Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Babara Windsor, Stanley Holloway, Diana Rigg, Harry Hill, Sophie Thompson, Emma Thompson, Simon Day, David Mitchell, Madeline Holliday, Charlie Higson, Robert Hardy, Dandy Nicholls, Susan Hampshire, Jackie Collins, Michael Kitchen - Horror Film legend, Boris Karloff (1965's Die Monster Die!) - William Hartnell (Original Doctor Who) in the 1957 Film, 'The Hypnotist', Sir David Jason (ITV's - Do Not Adjust Your Set), Hugh Bonneville, Geoffrey Palmer, Keeley Hawes.
Vistors to the village include, Ringo Starr, George Clooney, Charlie Brooks, Sir Cliff Richard - Another James Bond actor Daniel Craig, making that 3 James Bond actors in Shere.



2022 - Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

A couple of years ago (April 2021), it was announced that the Agatha Christie novel,

Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

would be adapted by the Actor Hugh Laurie the novel for a three part series on BritBox. The filming took place in the villages of Shere and Albury, between June and August of that same year (2021) and at Three Cliffs Bay in Swansea - (Featured in the June and August 2021 issues of the Parish Magazine).

A well known cast featuring Will Poulter, Hugh Laurie, Jim Boradbent (also appeared in Bridget Jones, Edge of Reason which had the church scene shot in Shere), Emma Thompson & Paul Whitehouse to name a few actors.

Released on BritBox: 14th April 2022 - VIEW TV page


  • Will Poulter as Bobby Jones
  • Lucy Boynton as Frankie Derwent
  • Maeve Dermody as Moira Nicholson
  • Hugh Laurie as Dr James Nicholson
  • Jim Broadbent as Lord Marcham
  • Emma Thompson as Lady Marcham
  • Conleth Hill as Dr Alwyn Thomas
  • Daniel Ings as Roger Bassington-ffrench
  • Jonathan Jules as Ralph 'Knocker' Beadon
  • Miles Jupp as Henry Bassington-ffrench
  • Amy Nuttall as Sylvia Bassington-ffrench
  • Alistair Petrie as Reverend Richard Jones
  • Paul Whitehouse as the landlord
  • Morwenna Banks as Mrs Cayman
  • Joshua James as Dr George Arbuthnot
  • Richard Dixon as Leo Cayman

There is a historical connection to Agatha Christie and our village of Shere, almost 100 years ago (December 1926) - the strangest story of all concerns the night that she faked her own death at Newlands Corner in December 1926, parked her car and walked to Shere then thought to have stayed at the White Horse Inn for the night, and then vanished into thin air...


2021 ENTRY - LATEST: Hugh Laurie directs the Agatha Christie's novel 'Why Didn't They Ask Evans?" - Starring Will Poulter & Lucy Boynton as reported in the June 2021 issue of the Parish Magazine:

June Cover of the Parish Magazine  

Click on the image above to read the Parish Magazine article

Agatha Christie and a real life Shere murder mystery...

...Click HERE to read the Agatha Christie / Shere murder mystery.

August Cover of the Parish Magazine   Click on the image above to read the Parish Magazine article


10th December 1926

Daily Mail - Friday 10th December 1926





2022 - Why didn't they ask Evans?
2021 - To Olivia (Sky Cinema)
2020 - Breeders (Sky One)
2020 - Silent Witness (BBC1)
2018 - Killed Instincts
2017 - Beauty and the Beast
2016 - The Mummy
2016 - Molly Moon and the Incredible Hypnotist
2015 - Professor Branestawn Returns
2014 - Professor Branestawn
2012 - A Mothers Son (ITV)
2012 - Love Written In Blood
2012 - The Last Weekend
2008 - Filth, The Mary Whitehouse Story
2006 - The Holiday
2005 - The Wedding Date
2004 - Bridgette Jones, The Edge Of Reason
2002 - Foyles War
1994 - Four Weddings & A Funeral
1990 - Bullesye!
1985 - Reunion at Fairborough
1977 - Romance, The Black Knight
1972 - The Ruling Class
1971 - Bachelor of Arts
1968 - Do Not Adjust Your Set - ITV television comedy series
1965 - Monster of Terror / Die Monster Die!
1965 - The Earth Dies Screaming
1961 - On The Fiddle
1961 - During One Night
1960 - Trouble with Eve
1958 - The Strange World of Planet X
1957 - The Hypnotist
1957 - The Passionate Stranger
1953 - Small Town Story
1952 - Crow Hollow
1952 - My Wife's Lodger
1951 - The Galloping Major
1951 - The Late Edwina Black
1948 - Dick Barton Special Agent
1948 - A Matter of Life and Death
1946 - Village Interlude
1936 - Mr. Cohen Takes A Walk (Father Takes A Walk)
1918 - Hearts Of The World
1899 - Fire Brigade Turn out in the Country

Lets start at the beginning:

Extracts from:

The Beginnings Of The Cinema In England,1894-1901: Volume 4: 1899

By Mr John Barnes


SHERE Village and related - Please Read

Mentioned in the text is the

1899 - Fire Brigade turn-out in the country

This Film was shot in July 1899

Volunteer firemen at Shere, Surrey, harness a fire engine and ride away.

We have secured Worldwide rights from the BFI (British Film Institute) to have this wonderful Social History film displayed and viewed for all to enjoy. Thanks go to the British Film Institute (BFI) for helping us achieve this.




All Films / Movie / News details are listed in Chronological year order, starting with the most recent and working back in time...

Filming - Chance to feature as an extra.

Hello Shere!

We at IMVD Productions are filming a short film in your beautiful village from the 22nd - 23rd of November 2022.

Our film is in aid to raise awareness about Alzheimer's with the film generously being supported by the LGBTQ + and Dementia Advisory Group as well as the Alzheimer's society of Sweden.

Our team is being led by the Bafta-Longlisted Cinematographer Tom Martin, as well as myself (Iris Anoniempje) who will be directing.

Our films have gone onto some world renowned festivals such as the Unicef film festival and the Lift-off global sessions at Pinewood studios in London. We always aim with our films to bring light to issues that deserve to have their voice heard and we cannot wait to start production on our film. We would like to ask if there is anyone within your community that would like to take part as a background artist on either the 22nd or the 23rd of November?

We will require you for one scene in the centre of the village either in the morning or the early afternoon. Should you wish, we would like to give you a credit in the film. We are also still on the hunt for an indoor location. We are looking for a front door and corridor we can use for one morning for a scene on the same dates. If there is anyone interested within Shere and surrounding that would be open to renting their interior to us, we would very much appreciate it. If you are interested in taking part as a background artist or you have/know of someone that would be open to letting us use your location for our film , please contact me at and I can send you some further information.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

4th November 2022

2021 - To Olivia

You may have remembered the filming in Lower Street in late 2019. A film about Roald Dahl, starring Hugh Bonneville and Keeley Hawes. At the time the film had a working title of 'An Extra July' and the Parish magazine reported the news in both December 2019 and January 2020 issues, along with photos.

Celebrated British actor Geoffrey Palmer (Butterflies, Reggie Perrin, The Saint, Doctor Who, Trhe Sweeney, Fawlty Towers, Inspector Morse, Bergerac and the list goes on....) passed away in the following November 2020, so sadly never saw the film release on the following February (2021).

The film 'To Olivia' was released on SKY Cinema on 19th February 2021. I received an e-mail from Graham P. Sherman with these details and his connection to Shere.

Dear Tristan

I note that in the Films Section that the 2019 film ‘To Olivia’ is missing. I say this as 1 Lower Street features  in this film, as it was my family home between 1830’s - late 1850’s. This home is next door to the ‘Bakery’ that became a ‘Sweets Shop’ in the film.

My connection is that I have umpired the Village’s Cricket Club throughout the last 3 seasons and look forward to returning in May 2022. This in light of my family’s history with the village.

My 2xGrt Grandfather John Sherman (1798 Plymouth - Oct 1857 Shere). John was thrice married. firstly, to Sarah Charman in Dorking. Sadly, she passed away with the birth of their only daughter within a year of their union. Both mother and daughter are buried at St. Martin's, Dorking' I can't find the gravestone, despite an extensive search. From there John married Sarah Frost (who was born in either Ash, or Willow Cottages, Shere). Sarah's father John was the local Tanner and the two John's joined forces. When Sarah passed, John married my 2x Grt Grandmother Isabella Maria Lawrence, who was baptised at Holy Trinity, Guildford. Both Sarah and Isabella wedding services took place in central London churches. 

John, then became the local Miller and the family resided at 1 Lower Street, Shere. There, son Frank Edward Sherman (1855 Shere - 1915 Portobello Road, London), would be my Grt Grandfather was born. Frank's siblings then where split 3 ways. Isabella took her youngest son, Daniel, with her when she married local Edward Charman, to Ponds Farm, Shere. The marriage was short lived. Others stayed at Middle Street, Shere, with the remainder moving to Kingston-upon Thames. John is buried just outside the front door of St. James' along with Sarah Frost and her family.

Isabella when Edward Charman died changed her surname back to Sherman and lived out her life with her only daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in Sandgate, Kent. She was buried at Cheriton Road Cemetery, Folkestone, Kent. I attended her grave this summer, where I cleaned it up, left flowers and sent photos to my family around the world.

The last Sherman died in the early-mid 1970's, thereby ending my family's association with the village, since 1830's.

So, it is good to be back. The Cricket Club celebrated promotion to Division II of the Surrey Downs Cricket League for the first time. I had nothing to do with it, I just made sure that the Rules of Cricket was observed. I shall be returning in early May 2022 to umpire the forthcoming matches. 

Happy for you to record my family's and my connection to the village.

Season's Greetings

Graham Philip Sherman
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Graham for his e-mails and for sharing this information with us all.

21st December 2021

2020 - Shere Parish Council statement - Filming in the villages

Above: page 43 of the March 2020 edition of our:

Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine


March 2020

2020 - Film: To Oliva
(working title in 2019, An Extra July)

Above: page 29 of the January 2020 edition of our:

Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine

This film is about Roald Dahl and stars Hugh Bonneville and Keeley Hawes.


UPDATE: 2021 - The film 'An Extra July' was a working title and the film released on 19th February 2021 is named "To Olivia' and was released on SKY Cinema - Feb 2021


Above: page 31 of the December 2019 edition of our:

Shere, Peaslake and Gomshall Parish Magazine

UPDATE: 2021 - The film 'An Extra July' was a working title and the film released on 19th February 2021 is named "To Olivia' and was released on SKY Cinema - Feb 2021



January 2020

2020 - Breeders - Sky One

Sitcom series due to be shown next year, 2020 and starring Sherlock and The Office actor, Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard (from Harry Potter), Patrick Baladi (also 'The Office' (UK)) and Joanna Bacon, Alun Armstrong & Stella Gonet.

Scenes were shot in Shere on Thursday July 4th 2019.

FX & Sky Team will be teaming up for a planned 10 part show that will air in 2020. The show is going to be produced by Avalon Television (producers of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Catastrophe).


July 2019

-- 2020 UPDATE --

Series 1, Episode 6 - Broadcasted on Thursday 9th April 2020 at 10pm


Scenes shot in Middle Street (above), The Square, Outside and inside of St. James' Church.


2020 - BBC 1 Television - Silent Witness - Close to Home

Emilia Fox was seen filming the popular BBC1 'Silent Witness' (British television crime drama series) - The planned episode filming occurred at the ford (Lower Street), around The Square and St James' Church. Filming two days around April 22nd 2019
More details feature on : page 28 of the April 2019 issue of the Parish Magazine

UPDATE: page 29 of the June 2019 issue of the Parish Magazine

UPDATE 2: February 2020 issue of the Parish Magazine:
"The Tillingbourne near the Lower Street ford, was the setting of the brutal murder of a teenage boy in a two part episode of BBC One's Silent Witness, screened January 13 and 15 2020."

February 2020
June 2019

2018 - Killed Instincts

Director: Tianna Banton

Stars: Lauren Baichoo-Hoskins, Andrew Bennett, Kianna Grace, Jade Innis

Release Date: July 2018

More information HERE


2017 - Beauty and the Beast

There were a couple of weeks of filming countryside exteriors, at Ivinghoe Beacon on the Ashridge Estate in Buckinghamshire, and at Winterfold and Hurtwood Forests, in the Surrey Hills near the village of Shere, which is where the tree is struck by lightning, forcing Belle’s father to steer towards the Beast’s castle.

Starred Emma Thompson, Emma Watson and Ewan McGregor



2016 - Tom Cruise spotted shooting scenes for new Mummy movie

Tom Cruise has been spotted filming scenes for his new action movie, The Mummy, in woodland near Shere.

The Hollywood A-lister was seen with a huge crew and set near to Hound House Road among the trees on Thursday.

Cruise could be seen standing next to a dramatically overturned ambulance in action scenes for The Mummy, due for release in 2017 and also stars Russell Crowe.

©2016 - SOURCE


2016 Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism


Shere was host to the filming back in 2012 - Middle Street, Lower Street and Lime Walk.

Release dates
Spain - 5th August 2016
UK & Ireland - 2nd December 2016
Italy 7th December 2016


Emily Watson ...
Miss Trinklebury
Dominic Monaghan ...
Anne-Marie Duff ...
Lucy Logan the Librarian
Raffey Cassidy ...
Celia Imrie ...
Edna the Cook
Joan Collins ...
Nockman's Mother Tracey
Sadie Frost ...
Mrs. Alabaster
Lesley Manville ...
Miss Adderstone
Ben Miller ...
Mr. Alabaster
Tom Wisdom ...
Charlie Cooper
Omid Djalili ...
Barry Rix
Camilla Arfwedson ...
Gary Kemp ...
Nina Young ...
Journalist 1
Fern Deacon ...


Scroll down below on this page to the relevant 2015 and 2012 section's:
Filming in Shere of "Molly Moon and The Incredible Book of Hypnotism"for photo's and more release information.


October 2015 - Professor Brainstorm Returns...

... to Shere for the second year of filming



above photo's ©2014

The Policeman returns in the follow-up Harry Hill during filming in The Square, Shere


Local on-line magazine:

Harry Hill spotted filming Professor Branestawn in Shere



TV - Christmas Eve BBC1 - Professor Branestawn Returns

Televised on Christmas Eve 2015 - BBC1

CAST - Diana Rigg, Adrian Scarborough, Vicki Pepperdine, Harry Hill, Sophie Thompson, Simon Day, David Mitchell, Madeline Holliday, Charlie Higson.


photo ©Ali Seabold


Two years on from filming in Shere

Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist

The Film is re-titled to:

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

2015 release

WORLD PREMIERE OF THE MOVIE at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2015, screening on Saturday 11th April, Sunday 12th April and Sunday 19th April in Toronto, Canada.

Bentonville International Film Festival BIFF (5 – 9 May 2015) with a release in USA at the Seattle International Film Festival on 30th May 2015 - source


If you can't view the Film Trailer, click HERE

Facebook page


Canada 11 April 2015
USA 30 May 2015 (Seattle International Film Festival)
South Korea 8 August 2015 (Seoul International Youth Film Festival)
USA 14 August 2015 (limited)
Singapore 3 September  2015
Germany 3 December 2015 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)

NO word as yet for the UK release


Release dates
Spain - 5th August 2016
UK & Ireland - 2nd December 2016
Italy 7th December 2016

UK READERS - You Can PURCHASE the 2016 DVD on Amazon

More details in the 2016 SECTION above

Scroll down below on this page to the
2012 section - Filming of Molly Moon for photo's and more information

July 2015

Mark Sutton from Shere

Film tribute to Mark Sutton (Olympics '007') killed in Alps wingsuit crash

This published in the Evening Standard:

A friend of a James Bond stuntman who was killed in a wingsuit accident in the Alps has launched a crowdfunding campaign to see a documentary about him completed.

Mark Sutton, 42, was the stunt double for 007 star Daniel Craig who parachuted into the London Olympics opening ceremony in 2012.

He was killed in Switzerland in August the following year when he hit a mountain ridge at 155mph after jumping in a wingsuit from a helicopter.

Gary Connery — who was dressed as the Queen for the Olympics stunt — has made a film that follows the friends as Mr Connery attempts to become the first person to land a wingsuit from 2,400ft without using a parachute. 

Mr Sutton is his wingman in the film, The Man Who Flew To Earth, planning the flight into a 350ft runway of cardboard boxes to cushion Mr Connery’s fall and jumping with him. The world first attempt in May 2012 was a success. Mr Sutton, from the village of Shere in Surrey, was killed during the editing of the film, which was then put on hold.

Now Mr Connery and the film’s director, Roy Taylor, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete the documentary as a tribute to his friend. The campaign, which ends on August 7, has raised £18,615, almost £50,000 short of the £67,000 target required to finish and market the documentary.  Mr Connery has appealed to his friends in the City to help and is offering rewards including a day on the track with Bond film stunt driver Ben Collins, formerly The Stig on Top Gear.

Mr Connery said: “During the summer of 2011, Mark and I jumped the Walenstadt gorge in Switzerland and that was when I realised I should do a documentary about jumping without a parachute into a mound of boxes.  I proposed the idea to Mark and he was more than happy to be a part of it. He was more than just a friend, he was my manager and mentor, he was my everything.”

Director Mr Taylor said: “Mark was such a gentleman with such a kind and humble soul. I’d love to be able to raise enough funds to be able to complete the documentary in his honour.”



BUY this book from Amazon


October 2014 - Professor Brainestawn

Shere returns to the 1950's and becomes Pagwell during filming.

For the past two days, Shere has been part of a film set for the upcoming BBC production, Professor Brainestawn, a one hour comedy special due for transmission during the Christmas period.

Below are a few photo's of Tuesday's filming - Mainly of the period transformations, such as signs and shop window dressings
click on the photo's for a larger view

Pagwell Coronet - Old Fire Station in Lower Street
Lower Pagwell - Lower Street
Pagwell Garden Library - Tracle in Middle Street Pagwell Apothecary - Shere Delights in Middle Street
Great Pagwell Bakery - Crumbs in Lower Street Great Pagwell Post Office - CO-OP in Middle Street
Pagwell Penny Arcade and Tea Room - Ye Olde Sandwich Shop Messrs Ginnibag & Knitmoodle - Dabbling Duck in Middle Street
1953 Rolls Royce Wraith - With red Morris Minor - The Square, Shere Red Morris Minor - The Square, Shere
Lower Pagwell - Dovetail Cottage - Lower Street Pagwell - 1950s Hillman - Middle Street


90+ photos can be found on flickr


BBC Filming Notice - Read full letter


Many shop windows were dressed to reflect the period of the production set in the post-war fictional English village of Pagwell.

Starring Harry Hill, David Mitchell and Ben Miller (pictured above with Shere Delights shop owner Gillian Akroyd - photo ©2014 G.A.)

Ben Miller returned to Shere after shooting the 2012 production 'Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist' two years ago (see films page).


Local on-line magazine:

Harry Hill family film Professor Branestawm shot in Shere
The new BBC drama Professor Branestawm was being filmed in Shere on Tuesday morning, with 'Peep Show' and 'Would I lie to You' star

David Mitchell
the big draw for fans - READ ARTICLE and view the photo gallery


©2014 Tina


The village of Shere found itself on the small screen on Christmas Eve when The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm was broadcast on BBC One.

The comedy adventure starring Harry Hill and Peep Show actor David Mitchell included scenes filmed in Shere in early October 2014.

Based on Norman Hunter's iconic children's book Professor Branestawm, various locations including Middle Street were featured in the TV programme.

Professor Branestawm also stars Miranda Richardson, Ben Miller and Simon Day.

Armed with a multitude of crazy inventions - and alongside his eccentric allies Colonel Dedshott, Mrs Flittersnoop and young apprentice Connie - Branestawm, the original mad professor, takes on scheming businessman Mr Bullimore and officious local councillor Harold Haggerstone, to try and stop their plans to bulldoze his workshop to make way for a giant munitions factory.


above three images, ©2014

Aired on BBC 1 - Christmas Eve 2014

2012 - Filming begins on

Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist

2015 - See above Professor Branestawm entry for an update

Lesley Manville Emily Waston


Ben Miller, Celia Imrie, Anne-Marie Duff, Sadie Frost and Joan Collins have joined the cast of Amber Entertainment's fantasy actioner "Molly Moon."

Filming in Shere and the surrounding area begings between 26th October and 9th November 2012


"Molly Moon Films Ltd. circulated a Press Release to the residents in the Village of Shere:
As some of you may already be aware, amber Entertainment is currently in pre-production on the independent British featrure film `'Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist", and we are looking at filming key scenes for the film in and around the village of Shere during some of the above dates. The film itself is based on a series of best-selling children's books by Georgia Byng, all centered around the character Molly, an 11 year old orphaned girl.

Christopher N. Rowley ("Bonneville") directs with Georgia Byng, Lawrence Elman and Ileen Maisel producing.

The film is an adaptation of Byng's fantasy novel about an orphan who learns the art of hypnosis.
The script was penned by Rowley and Byng with a polish by Chris Hurford and Tom Butterworth.

"Harry Potter" producer David Heyman acquired feature rights to the first book a decade ago, but that option lapsed, and New Line considered the property five years later. Former New Line exec Maisel began discussing the film project with Byng a few years ago before acquring the rights.

Characters in Molly Moon



Orphanage - Infant School

Shere C of E Aided Infant School in Gomshall Lanel will be turning into an orphanage over the half term holiday! Filming will happen during half term holidays, so little disruption occurrs.



Monday & Tuesday (29th/30th) there will be Stop/Go Board traffic management at the Lower Street/Willow Walk junction, and in Lower Street, Middle Street & near the school in Gomshall Lane. Parking in the vicinity will be restricted. Filming is planned to continue on Tuesday 6th November




Strrets are cleared for filming


Constructing the libray between the 'Lucky Duck' (Now the Dabbling Duck Tea room) and The Forge


Completed Library - made out of polystyrene


Shooting the scene in Middle Street - October 2012


Shooting the scene in Middle Street - October 2012


Day of Filming


Fleuries Flower shop in Middle Street is covered into a store - Now Shere Delights Sweetshop


Additional Filming is due on Sunday 16th December 2012


2012 - A Mother's Son - Television

Broadcast on ITV1 (2nd September 2012)

A Mother's Son is a two-part ITV series starring Martin Clunes, Alexander Arnold, Hermione Norris, Nicola Walker and Paul McGann was partly filmed in Shere in early June 2012 and was mainly centered on 'The Manor House'.

photo above shows Paul McGann entering the front of Shere Manor House - © fair use


2012 - Love Written in Blood

Filmed n August 2011

Distributors: Warner Independent Pictures (WIP) (2012) (USA) (theatrical)

Stars: Escher Holloway, Zac Fox, Steven Crowder, John Agnello

More information HERE


2012 - The Last Weekend - Television

Filming took place in the Square, Shere 1st May 2012 - Carnival Films

The Last Weekend: Based on the novel of the same name by Blake Morrison, ‘’The Last Weekend’’ tells the story of two estranged couples reunited during a holiday retreat at a remote cottage by the sea. Over the course of the long weekend, dangerous tensions surface as each day sees the competitive couples carry out challenges with horrifying consequences. The Last Weekend stars Rupert Penry Jones, Genevieve O'Reilly, Shaun Evans and Claire Keelan. - wikipedia

It is reported that the show will take the format of 3 x 60 minute episodes, adapted by Mick Ford – the man behind ITV’s critically acclaimed drama Single Father.

Set over a long weekend in East Anglia, The Last Weekend tells the story of Ian and his wife Em, invited by an old university friend Ollie and his wife Daisie, to spend a few days in a remote cottage by the sea.

What should be a weekend of sunlit relaxation turns to horror as Ian and Ollie resurrect a bet made 20 years before.

Each day becomes a series of challenges for higher and higher stakes, setting in train actions that will have irreversible and horrifying consequences.

Action This


2008 - Filth, The Mary Whitehouse Story

The Mary Whitehouse Story written by Amanada Coe, telling the story of the Britsish morality campaigner, Mary Whitehouse

First Episode broadcast on 28th May 2008 on BBC 2

Starring Julie Walters, which documents the rise of Mary Whitehouse during the 1960's, and the relationship between her and
Sir Hugh Carleton Greene, the Director General of the BBC.

In the early 1960s, Mrs. Mary Whitehouse, a middle-aged school teacher, begins a campaign against what she sees as filth and smut on
BBC television and radio. She and a friend start knocking on doors, circulating petitions and organizing rallies. Her nemesis during this time is Sir Hugh Carleton Greene, Director General of the BBC. He thinks
she is just an old busybody who has no artistic taste and doesn't represent the mainstream of British society. Throughout his tenure,
which lasted several years, he refused to see her or respond to her correspondence.
She continued to campaign at what she viewed as unacceptable programming until her death in 2001. Written by garykmcd - source

Thanks to Brian and Barbara Grover for tipping me off on this one.


2006 - The Holiday

The Holiday is a 2006 American romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by Nancy Meyers.
Distributed by Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios, it stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as two lovelorn women from opposite sides of the
Atlantic Ocean, who temporarily exchange homes to escape heartbreak during the holiday season. Jude Law and Jack Black co-star.

the film became a global box office success, grossing $205 million worldwide, mostly from its international run. Diaz garnered an ALMA Award nomination for her performance, while Winslet was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award the following year. The film itself won the 2007 Teen Choice Award in the Chick Flick category. - wikipedia - VIEW MORE

A year later the film is released on DVD - The above DVDreleased in the USA conatins 'Special Features with a 20 minute documentary
of the filming of 'The Holiday' titled "Foreign Exchange: The Making of The Holday" - contains off-shot scenes of Shere and why the village
was chosen as one of the locations.


© Universal / Columbia Pictures - Foreign Exchange: The Making of The Holday


MORE PHOTOS - photo copyright



DURING FILMING by local photographer Chris March


other photos by Chris:

Here are (A location film set) series of photos by local photographer Chris Marsh


© photograph copyright CHRIS MARSH © photograph copyright CHRIS MARSH


ORDER Greeting Card or signed print WEBSITE


The International DVD release (UK and Europe) does not have the Special Features section. The DVD that does, has 'The Holiday' written in red letters as shown above, so try and search this one out.



Hollywood duo hit town

February 17, 2006

HOLLYWOOD has arrived in Shere as Jude Law and Cameron Diaz take a romantic stroll down a transformed Church Street.

The A-list stars have been working on romantic comedy The Holiday, which is also set to star Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

Adorned with Christmas decorations and filled with fake shops the usually quiet street has become quite a tourist attraction in the past few days.

The glamorous visitors, who were in the town all day Wednesday, were seen admiring the beamed buildings and chatting happily with shop owners. Church Street was transformed into the high street of  nearby village Shere. 

Shop fronts were turned into a butchers, complete with giant turkeys, a post office and chemist and a bakery. Godalming Station was used for filming on Tuesday evening.

The film company, Waveland Pictures, based at Shepperton Studios, provided security to keep the gathering crowds away from the set.

Local police officers were also on standby although unaffected shops continued to trade throughout.

Wintry scenes have also been filmed in the real village of Shere where a mock manor house has been built and the streets and parish church covered in fake snow.


This cosy 15th Century Grade 2 listed house has a webpage titled "Hollywood comes to Shere"

Here are a few photos from this wonderful website



photos copyright Jill and Chris Capstick, all rights reserved





SHERE, The Holiday Film set


Great blog site - The Holiday Another excellent related website - The Holiday


Setting the Scene in Shere

Filming in Shere


The Snowy scene

Many thanks to Jean Watson the above three photo's

Jean has been part of the village for the past forty years.

She bought and ran The Tea Rooms, then Asters Tea Room and now owns 'Shere Antiques' in the 'The Old Bakehouse', Middle Street.

You can view other photos by Jean on the PHOTOs page.

2005 - The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date is a 2005 romantic comedy directed by Clare Kilner, who also directed How to Deal (2003). The release was successful achieving $47 million worldwide at the box office against a budget of $15 million. It is based on the book Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young. wikipedia


Debra Messing as Kat Ellis
Dermot Mulroney as Nick Mercer
Amy Adams as Amy Ellis
Jeremy Sheffield as Jeffrey
Jack Davenport as Edward Fletcher-Wooten
Sarah Parish as TJ
Peter Egan as Victor Ellis
Holland Taylor as Bunny

IMBd website

2004 - Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason

Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent

2004 British romantic comedy film directed by Beeban Kidron, based on Helen Fielding's novel of the same name.
It stars Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones, Colin Firth as Mark Darcy and Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver.
It is the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary (2001). There are significant differences in the storylines between the novel and this film adaptation,
and between the United States version and United Kingdom version of the film, including an alternate ending.
- Wikipedia


Bridget Jones - Press Reports

Cameras roll for sequel to Bridget Jones
(icSurrey, Dec 4, 2003, by John Williams)

Hollywood descended on St James' Church, Shere, for the filming of a major British film. International stars Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth, as well as a host of British comic actors, were involved in the filming of the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary in the village on Monday.

Two hundred extras and crew bustled around the normally peaceful streets as a crowd of expectant onlookers jostled to see the celebrities. Tonnes of false snow were sprayed over the church and graveyard and throughout the morning the village experienced an early-winter blizzard. Several police officers attended the site to control the lorries that served the set and to try and contain the paparazzi photographers who were there to snap the stars.


The filming saw Bridget, played by Oscar-nominated actress Renée Zellweger, as a bridesmaid at the re-marriage of her mother and father, played by Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent. Onlookers had to stifle their laughter as they saw the actors careering along the path from the church to the Rolls Royce at its gates to the strains of the Monkees' song, I'm a Believer.

While the film company would not reveal any plot details, the Advertiser understands that the scene is part of a dream sequence for Bridget's mother who envisages her re-marriage to Bridget's father. The church's windows were blacked out, but it was full of helium balloons and coloured lighting according to bystanders who had sneaked a look inside. Raedon Luxon, who works in the White Horse pub opposite the church, said: "We have been full of workers from the film. They have been here since the early hours of this morning. "It certainly has been the most exciting thing to happen in the village for some time." Crew members had been swarming around the village since 6.30am, apparently going into the convenience store on Middle Street and asking for vast quantities of food, including 88 loaves of bread.

TE films Ltd, which is producing Bridget Jones, warned residents well in advance of the day's disruption at the church, and made a donation to the parish council funds.


Is it Bridget's wedding?
(Daily Mail, Dec 3, 2004)

Has Bridget Jones finally got her wish for an idyllic wedding?

From the bouquet in her arms and the man of her dreams beside her, it would certainly seem so. But, as with most things Bridget, all is not quite what it seems.

Renee Zellweger, as the famous singleton, is actually the bridesmaid to her parents, who decide to renew their marriage vows after a brief separation. But the look of love she gives Colin Firth, who plays Mark Darcy, and her frantic rush to catch her mother's bouquet—it took three attempts—leaves no one in doubt that she's longing for the day when she will walk down the aisle as a bride.

The scene is from the eagerly-awaited movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Hopes were raised that Bridget would marry after cast member Celia Imrie hinted there was a wedding in the new film—even though the character does not wed in the book—and then said: "Oops, I shouldn't have said that."

A winter wonderland of snow and ice was created for the filming in Shere, Surrey. However, the real British weather interrupted shooting for most of the day as rain repeatedly destroyed the look of the fake snow. "In the end they had to do the scene in just three takes because rain kept on ruining the snowy effect," said an onlooker yesterday. "The whole cast looked very at ease with each other and they seemed to be having a good time."

The cast are halfway through filming the sequel to Helen Fielding' s Bridget Jones, which is expected to be complete by January.


Ren will I get a guy?
(The Sun, Dec 3, 2003)

Could single girl Renee Zellweger's fortunes be improving as she catches the bride’s bouquet with handsome Colin Firth at her shoulder?

But sadly for Renee it’s all just make-believe. The scene is from her new movie, Bridget Jones’s Diary: Edge Of Reason. And that’s not all that’s a fantasy. Even the snow fluttering across the Surrey countryside is fake.

In the scene, Bridget’s parents renew their wedding vows and she catches the bouquet— traditionally a sign that she will be next to walk down the aisle.

Location Photo

Here is (A location film set) photo by local photographer Chris Marsh

a a  
© photograph copyright CHRIS MARSH - July 2004 ORDER Greeting Card or signed print  





Snow in July is just Hollywod trick

THE Met Office said the freak weather conditions experienced throughout Britain over the last couple weeks were over.

But looking at photographs of Shere Church taken on Wednesday, perhaps someone needs to re-assess the weather maps.

It might be July, but snow suddenly appeared and covered the churchyard early this week and, by the time the Surrey Advertiser went to press,
there was no sign of a thaw.

But the cold spell was easily explained – the church was once again being used as a set for the filming of the latest Hollywood blockbuste
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

This was the second time in eight months the film-making industry had descended on Shere, although covering St James’ Church with snow
last December did not look quite so unusual.



2002 - Foyle's War
TV Series (2002-2015)

THE GERMAN WOMAN: Season 1, Episode 1

27th October 2002

Michael Kitchen - Edward Fox - Robert Hardy all star in this Series premiere. England, May 1940: Set against the backdrop of Hastings, East Sussex, during World War II, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle is thwarted in his attempts to serve his country in the war effort. Instead, his duty is to serve his local community, effectively sitting out the war, by investigating petty crimes and an occasional murder or two.

Some scenes were filmed in Shere, Surrey around 'the Square' and St' James' Churchyard towards Church Cottages.

Approx: 28 minute mark

The Square looking towards church The Square Parked outside 'Collins' - Grovers

Approx: 45 minute mark

Other local scenes:
The Doctor's House was Flint Cottage, Mickleham, Dorking.
Juniper Hall (Hospital) in Mickleham
Fishing Spot - The River Mole, Dorking

1994 - Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral was filmed partly at Albury Park and the old church in the grounds where one of the weddings took place.

1990 - Bullseye!
- Roger Moore & Michael Caine- Directed by Michael Winner

We've been expecting you Mr. Bond...

... Not many villages can boast that two major film stars, Sir Michael Caine and Sir Roger Moore, spent time filming in the centre of Shere. The White Horse was turned into a bank. The film was also directed by Hollywood Film Director, Michael Winner.

This is the second James Bond leading actor that has appeared in Shere. The first actor being Sean Connery filming some 30 years earlier for the 1961 film, On the Fiddle.

"Moore and Caine play dual rolls in this off-beat and highly silly caper - a pair of small time con-men and a partnership of nuclear physicists.
As con-men, they use their uncanny resemblance to the high-living scientists to con their way to the scientists' safety deposit boxes,
but in so-doing become entangled in a shady world of spies and international intrigue" Written by Paul Roach <>

UK release: November 1990
Rest of the World: 1991


Thanks to Steve Cook for the above photo of Michael Caine

" In the film you may recall a scene where Michael Caine is running out of the bank to effect a getaway in the waiting Jaguar car.

There were many run troughs of this before the cameras were let loose and what my picture shows is a practice run out of the bank towards the car.

When this was happening the police would stop traffic for obvious reasons.

I did witness one very funny moment when the police for some reason failed to stop the cars and Mr Caine came shooting out of the building straight into the path of a very startled driver.

His look of outrage at someone running out in front of him quickly changed to total amazement when he realise he had nearly killed Michael Caine

I didn’t meet any of the actors but did have a couple of words with Michael Winner the director during the filming of a motor bike stunt.

In the film Roger Moore is on the back of a motorcycle during a chase. The stunt rider was Eddie Kidd and the stunt which involved jumping over a river was filmed next to the ford at the end of Lower street.

A large ramp was constructed and Eddie kid with a roger Moore lookalike dummy had one take to scale the river. I was on the bridge with my daughter in her pushchair along with quite a large gathering."

- Steve Cook

1985 - Reunion at Fairborough
- Robert Mitchum & Deborah Kerr

World War II vets travel to England for a reunion at their old base. Once there, one (Robert Mitchum)
rekindles an old romance with an old flame (Deborah Kerr).

Partly filmed around The White Horse in Shere

Filmed in England, Reunion at Fairborough served as the fourth movie pairing of Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr. Mitchum plays a disgruntled American, who arrives in England for a reunion with his old wartime bombing squadron. Ms. Kerr plays the local woman whom Mitchum had seduced and left behind forty years earlier. She greets her ex-love with the daunting news that he's a father -- and grandfather. Whilst enjoyable to see these two great stars united again it fails to ignite the same sparks as the earlier Mitchum/Kerr teamings (Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957), The Sundowners (1960), The Grass is Greener (1961)), but at least it's attractively photographed. Originally telecast as an "HBO Premiere" on May 12, 1985, Reunion at Fairborough was briefly released theatrically outside the USA.

"The lovely, old village of Shere, where William the Conqueror once maintained a manor, has been used to represent the town of Fairborough, so you'll have some charming scenery to divert you"

1977 - Romance
- The Black Knight

Thames TV

Episode aired - 16th March 1977

Suring the television episode, Edward Fox and Sinead Cusak get married in St. James' Church, Shere - The series is called 'Romance' and this episode 'The Black Knight' is set in 1926.


1972 - The Ruling Class
- Peter O'Toole & Alistair Sim

The Ruling Class is a 1972 British black comedy film.[1] It is an adaptation of Peter Barnes' satirical stage play which tells the story of a
paranoid schizophrenic British nobleman (played by Peter O'Toole) who inherits a peerage. The film costars Alastair Sim, William Mervyn,
Coral Browne, Harry Andrews, Carolyn Seymour, James Villiers and Arthur Lowe. It was produced by
Jules Buck and directed by Peter Medak .
The film is a "commercial failure [...that] has since become a cult classic";[2] Peter O'Toole described it as "a comedy with tragic relief".

Peter O'Toole
Alastair Sim
Arthur Lowe
Harry Andrews


Filmed inside the White Horse Pub and Outside



IMBd website

1971 - Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, made in 1969 but not released until late 1971, starring: Michael Bentine, (The Goons) Norman Vaughan (Roses Grow On You), Una Stubbs (Summer Holiday, Till Death Do Us Part, Wurzel Gummidge), Johnny Briggs (Coronation Street), David Lodge

STORY: An artist from the Continent arrives in England and meets a variety of quirky locals, including a flirtatious policewoman, a barload of boozers, nudists and the police!


Church Lane Cottages

Upper Street

Una Stubbs - The Square

Lower Street

Middle Street

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July 10h 2020

1968 - Do Not Adjust Your Set - David Jason as 'CAPTAIN FANTASTIC' in Shere!

In January 1968 a TV crew was spotted filming 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' in Shere... with a huge robot...

above: Sir David Jason - © (Image: Surrey Advertiser)

Do Not Adjust Your Set...

...was a British TV comedy sketch series produced originally by Thames Television (Rediffusion, London). Transmitted on the ITV channel from 26 December 1967 to 14 May 1969. The series starred members of the yet to be created "Monty Pythons Flying Circus" (two years before): Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin. Also starring was Denise Coffey, Sir David Jason OBE and the 'Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band'.

This sketch was fimed in Shere with David Jason playing 'Captain Fantastic', some 50 years ago - The programme's first series was directed Humphrey Barclay (born in Dorking) Humphrey was also known for producing the BBC radio series, I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again and TV's Desmond's, Two's Company and Look Back in Anger.

VIEW ALL 17 images of the filming at Shere from the getSURREY gallery -


Read the full article at


UPDATE: Full clip on YouTube

1965 - Monster of Terror -
( USA title: Die, Monster, Die!)

above: USA film poster

British title: Monster of Terror

This British-made horror was based on H.P. Lovecraft's story "The Colour Out of Space". STORY: American scientist (Nick Adams) paying a visit to the remote estate of his fiancee's family (located in Lovecraft's fictional Arkham County, Massachusetts - UK Film Location' Shere'). Contamination is discovered to be a glowing meteorite kept hidden in the basement by his fiancee's father (Boris Karloff), who has been using the radiation to mutate local plant life. As one might expect, the experiment has gotten a bit out of hand... and poor mommy has changed into something unspeakably horrible.
DIRECTED BY: Daniel Haller (formerly Roger Corman's production designer). The same story was adapted (again, loosely) in 1987 for The Curse. READ SOURCE DETAIL

USA Film Release: 27th October 1965 (American International Pictures)

UK Film Release: 20th February 1966

Boris Karloff as Nahum Witley
Nick Adams as Stephen Reinhart
Freda Jackson as Letitia Witley
Suzan Farmer as Susan Witley
Terence De Marney as Merwyn
Patrick Magee as Dr. Henderson
Paul Farrell as Jason
Leslie Dwyer as Potter
Harold Goodwin as Taxi Driver
Sydney Bromley as Pierce
Sheila Raynor as Miss Bailey

FULL CAST | Wikipedia

Various scenes from our village, Shere:

Telephone box was placed for filming - Garage and Petrol Pumps.
Note that Beaufield Mews is only a single depth building which was extended in the 1990's

The Square - Single Oak tree is still protected by the fence

The Village stores (Now 'The Shere Shop'), next to the 'Rookery Nook'

The White Horse

Middle Street: The Forge (Bicycle Shop) and Bodryn

Lime Walk

Tillingbourne footbridge from the Swimming Pool Field, leading to St. James' Church

Doctor Hendersons House, The Square


1965 - The Earth Dies Screaming

The film was shot in black and white at Shepperton Studios in London. Location filming was done at the village of Shere in Surrey.
It was one of several 1960s British horror films to be scored by the avant-garde Elisabeth Lutyens, whose father, Edwin Lutyens,
designed Manor House Lodge in Shere, a small property which features prominently at several points in the film
- wikipedia


Photos taken from 'The Earth Dies Screaming' film set in 1965



See larger VIEW




View related website with movie preview - The Earth Dies Screaming

1961 -- During One Night

During One Night - Also known as 'One Night of Passion'.
Stars: Don Borisenko, Susan Hampshire, Sean Sullivan
& Jackie Collins

Directed by Sidney J. Furie - released on December 1961

Outside The White Horse looking towards Shere Lane

Story: Mike, the co-pilot of a US, England-based World War II bomber, is injured aboard. Although an almost complete recovery is likely, it drives him to suicide.

Released: 1961


Thanks, as always, to Phil Wilkinson at REEL STREETS

1961 - On the Fiddle
- Sean Connery

Initial release: October 10, 1961

British Classic Comic Adventure Yarn

Great view down Middle Street - The weeping Willow trees are small

St James' church
  View from the Butchers
Note that the Oak tree has yet to be planted in the Square Queue from Grovers is as long as ever
1 The Square has yet to have its extension Heading up Shere Lane

Released in USA under the title Operation Snafu some years later (May 21 of 1965) - Ince Sean Connery became really famous in Hollywood after releasing the first ever James Bond Movie the following year, and subsequent Bond Movies, there was interest in any Connery film related releases.

Sean Connory, John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Lynch, Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Kathleen Harrison, Eleanor Summerfield,
Eric Barker, Victor Maddern, Barbara Windsor

Director : Cyril Frankel   Production Company : Anglo Amalgamated / S Benjamin Fisz


Original UK Film Poster US Film Poster - Re-released as 'Operation Snafu'


The war is in full swing and London wide-boy Horace Pope is horrified when he's tricked into signing up to the RAF by a wily court-room judge. Pope quickly finds a friend in Pedlar Pascoe, a slow-witted but big-hearted willing serviceman of gypsy origin.

Pedlar had joined up with the full intention of seeing combat, but Pope has no such desires. He quickly begins putting his gift of the gab and knack for spotting a money-making opportunity to use, and the pair - now near inseparable - begin the rounds of British RAF bases, always making sure they stay one step ahead of their transfer papers to the front!

Through a series of craftily engineered postings, the loveable duo keep moving around the country for a good few years before an equally world-wise American Sergeant, Buzzer, catches up with them and serves them with a transfer to France - where they encounter the enemy at far closer quarters, and with a far more surprising outcome, than they could have ever begun to imagine.



Based on the novel "Stop at a Winner" by R.F. Delderfield.                

Alfred Lynch ... Horace Pope
Sean Connery ... Pedlar Pascoe
Cecil Parker ... Group Capt. Bascombe
Stanley Holloway ... Mr. Cooksley
Eric Barker ... Doctor
Wilfrid Hyde-White ... Trowbridge
Kathleen Harrison ... Mrs. Cooksley
Eleanor Summerfield ... Flora McNaughton
Terence Longdon ... Air Gunner
Victor Maddern ... First Airman
Harry Locke ... Huxtable
John Le Mesurier ... Hixon
Viola Keats ... Sister
Peter Sinclair ... Mr. Pope
Edna Morris ... Lil
Cyril Smith ... Ticket Collector
Graham Stark ... Sgt. Ellis
Jack Smethurst ... Dai Tovey
Patsy Rowlands ... Evie
Miriam Karlin ... WAAF Sergeant
Priscilla Morgan ... Gwynneth Tovey
Bill Owen ... Cpl. Gittens
Ian Whittaker ... Lancing
Harold Goodwin ... Cpl. Reeves
Barbara Windsor ... Mavis
Toni Palmer ... Ivy
Kenneth J. Warren ... Dusty
Ann Beach ... Iris
Beatrix Lehmann ... Lady Edith

Time:  92 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  Mono / English
Picture:  1.33:1 / B&W
Number of Discs:  1
Classification:  G



MORE INFO on the Film

1958 - The Strange World of Planet X

The Strange World of Planet X
Stars: Forrest Tucker, Gaby André, Martin Benson, Dandy Nichols, Directed by Gilbert Gunn - released on 4th March 1958 in London and on the 31st December 1958 in USA (titled 'The Cosmic Monsters').

In the village of Bryerly Bay near the laboratory, a Tramp appears from the woods. Looking through lych gate of St. James's church.

Story: A friendly visitor from outer space warns against conducting experiments with the Earth's magnetic field, that could mutate insects into giant monsters - When scientist Forrest Tucker's experiments accidentally blow a hole in the ionosphere, Bugs go big-time, tramping about the countryside. This low-budget Brit sci-fi screenplay.

Released: 1958, made in 1957

Thanks, as always, to Phil Wilkinson at REEL STREETS


1957 - The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist is a 1957 British Film - BUY

Roland Culver plays a psychiatrist with deadly intentions in this crime thriller of 1957 a classic British noir also starring William Hartnell (Original Doctor Who), Gainsborough heroine Patricia Roc and veteran character actress Ellen Pollock. Also known as Scotland Yard Dragnet, The Hypnotist is scripted and directed by crime/suspense specialist Montgomery Tully, director of numerous instalments in the Edgar Wallace Mysteries series. It is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

PLOT: Recovering in hospital after a plane crash, Val Neal, a young test pilot, begins to suffer psychosomatic attacks of pains in the chest, choking and mental blackouts. Mary, his fiancée, calls in psychiatrist Dr Pelham but, while under treatment, Val becomes violent and escapes Pelham's care. When he returns, Pelham tells him that during a mental blackout he has committed a murder...


1957 - The Passionate Stranger

The Passionate Stranger (U.S. A Novel Affair) is a 1957 British drama film, directed by Muriel Box and starring Margaret Leighton and
Ralph Richardson. It uses the film within a film device, with the "real" part of the plot shot in black-and-white and the "fictional" element in colour.
The interior scenes were shot at Shepperton Studios, with location filming taking place at Chilworth, Surrey.

1953 - Small Town Story

Small Town Story is a 1953 British film directed by Montgomery Tully

Stars: Susan Shaw, Donald Houston, Alan Wheatley, Dennis Compton, George merritt, Ken Walton
Location(s): London, Shere, Surrey

The British Film Institute previously included this production on it’s “75 Most Wanted” list of missing British films.

Settling on a shot of the church, the titles end with a caption explaining that this is Oldchester and the year is 1948. St. James church in Shere, Surrey.

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1952 - My Wife's Lodger

My Wife's Lodger is a 1952 British film directed by Maurice Elvey

Stars: Dominic Roche, Olive Sloane, Diana Dors, Leslie Dwyer
Location(s): Cornwall, London, Shere, Surrey

STORY: Arriving home after being demobbed, a soldier expects a warm welcome but finds that his wife had taken in a lodger during his absence.

View up Middle Street

The White Horse Pub

Looking over The Square towards Pantrys

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Movie Poster - Diana Dors


1952 - Crow Hollow

Crow Hollow is a 1952 British Mystery and Suspense film directed by Michael McCarthy

Natasha Parry at Gomshall and Shere railway station

STORY: Newly-wed wife (Natasha Parry) to a young doctor played by Donald Houston, goes to live with him in an oppressive old house, named Crow Hollow, where various mysterious attempts are made on her life.

Interesting glimpse, albeit short, of the wonderful station platform.

1951 - The Galloping Major

The Galopping Major is a 1951 British comedy film, directed by Henry Cornelius and starring Basil RadfordJimmy HanleyJanette Scott, Joyce Grenfell, Sid JamesCharles Hawtrey, Kenneth More, Leslie Phillips and Arthur Mullard - FULL CAST AND CREW


The fim was made at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith but five brief scenes were filmed in Shere. Three double-decker buses are seen travelling down Shere Lane, past the 'William Bray' and 'White Horse', The Square and over the bridge entering Middle Street. Interestingly two buses are seen travelling in the opposite direction over the bridge to their destination in one shot and out of sequence, but unless you know the village layout, this wouldn't be apparent.

The Galloping Major - 1951
Released: 8th May 1951

Basil Radford
Jimmy Hanley
Janette Scott
Rene Ray
Hugh Griffin
Joyce Grenfell (OBE)
Sid James
Charles Hawtrey
Alfie Bass
Kenneth More
Thora Hird (uncredited)
Sam Kyd (uncredited)
Leslie Phillips (OBE)(CBE) (uncredited)
Arthur Mullard (uncredited)


Here are a few screen captures of the film:

The Galloping Major - 1951
Enters Shere, past the William Bray


The Galloping Major - 1951
Photo of The Square with Pantrys in the background


The Galloping Major - 1951
You can clearly view the 'Watneys' barrel above the White Horse sign. You can view the WHITE HORSE pub with photo's of of the bar in the 1950's - VIEW HERE


The Galloping Major - 1951
The bus heads to Middle Street, the Old Fire Station is clearly seen, along with the triangular road sign.


The Galloping Major - 1951
The double-deck bus heads into the village


The Galloping Major - 1951
The second bus follows


The Galloping Major - 1951
The next scene shows the buses entering the village in the other direction, past The William Bray


The Galloping Major - 1951
The buses head towards Middle Street - A sign can be seen outside the Lavender Laydy - Can't quite read the sign however but assuming its still the tea room at that stage.


For those of you who love buses (Tim) then you can read information on the buses and stations in the film



Basil Radford originally made his name when Alfred Hitchcock hired him for the 1938 film, ‘The Lady Vanishes’. Basil Radford died the following year of the film release (October 20th 1952), having collapsed in the studio recording the radio show ‘ Rogues Gallery’

Jimmy Hanley originally married Dinah Sheridan and they starred together in various productions. They had 3 children but divorced in 1952 (the following year of the film release). Perfomed with Laurence Olivier in Henry V (1944). He sadly died at a young age of 51 in nearby Fetcham, Surrey on Jan 13th 1970

Janette Scott was the daughter of much loved English actress Thora Hird. Janette is probably best known for her appearance in ‘The Day of the Triffids’ (1963)

Rene Ray’s father, Alfred Arthur Creese invented the first operational monoplane and friend of Albert Einstein.

Hugh Griffin starred with many famous actors such as Anthony Perkins, Charlton Heston (1959 - Ben Hur), Vincent Price (Dr. Phibes Rises Again - 1972). He played Long John Silver in the TV version of ‘Treasure Island’ (1960). He starred in ‘Tom Jones’ - 1963. Close friend of the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas.

Joyce Grenfell is fondly remembered in ‘The Belles of St. Trinian’s’ filmed just a few years after in 1954 and the following ‘Trinians’ sequels. Until her death, Joyce appeared on stage, film and TV. Joyce died in 1979, a month before she was awarded a DBE and was later commemorated on a postage stamp.

Sid James became known through the 1956 ‘Hancocks Half Hour’ playing next to comedy genius Tony Hancock. Sid however, was best known for 19 Carry On Films, starting in 1960 (Carry On Constable) and the last in 1974 (Carry On Dick). Sid also starred in the much loved TV sitcom, ‘Bless This House’ (March 1971 - 1976) covering an amazing 65 episodes over 6 series and a feature film was released in 1972 with carry on stars Terry Scott, June Whitfield and Peter Butterworth -and Directed by Carry On director Peter Rogers.

Charles Hawtrey was best known for his roles in 23 ‘Carry On’ films, starting in 1958 (Carry on Sergeant) through to the 1972 (Carry On Abroad).

Kenneth More was best known for his film role in ‘Reach for the Sky’ playing war hero Douglas Bader, in 1956. Kenneth started to get noticed shortly after ‘The Galloping Major’ with the films ‘Genevieve’ (1953) and ‘Doctor in the House’ (1954). He then went on to star in the BBC’s ‘The Forsyte Saga’

Leslie Phillips is uncredited in the film but went on to be one of Britains much loved comedy actor. He starred in the ‘Doctor’ series of films alongside Dirk Bogarde. He appeared in ‘The Navy Lark’ BBC Radio comedy(1959-1977) with Ronnie Barker and Jon Pertwee and then appeared in the 1959 Carry On film ‘Carry On Nurse’, going the phrase “Ding Dong”. He appeared in 4 Carry On films.


1951 - The Late Edwina Black

The Late Edwina Black is a 1951 British drama film, directed by Maurice Elvey and starring David FarrarGeraldine Fitzgerald and Roland Culver.

The USA version of the film was titled 'Obsessed'

When a sickly Victorian woman dies suddenly, a postmortem reveals that her body contains a fatal dose of arsenic. Suspicion falls on her husband and her companion, who are lovers. Inspector Martin of Scotland Yard solves the mystery of her death, over a cup of tea.




In 1951, Geraldine Fitzgerald appeared for the last time as a leading lady in the British film The Late Edwina Black. Retitled The Obsessed, it was (released in the United States in early 1952) - READ DETAILS

1948 - Dick Barton Special Agent

Dick Barton Special Agent is a 1948 British film.

Directed by Alfred J. Goulding and starring  , ,

STORY: Government agent Dick Barton battles a ring of Nazi spies who are planning to poison the entire London water supply.

Released May 1948

Car drives down Lower Street, turns left into Middle Street, over the Tillingbourne.

Next Scene, the car pulls up outside Bodryn in Middle Street


Thanks to Phil Wilkinson at REELSTREETS

1946 - A Matter of Life and Death
- David Niven

A Matter of Life and Death (1946) is a romantic fantasy film set in World War II by the British writer-director-producer team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. It was originally released in U.S. under the title Stairway to Heaven, which derived from the film's most prominent special effect: a broad escalator linking the Other World and Earth. Reversing the effect in The Wizard of Oz, the supernatural scenes are in black-and-white, while the ones on Earth are in Technicolor.
In 2004, A Matter of Life and Death was named the second greatest British film ever made by the magazine Total Film in a poll of 25 film critics, behind only Get Carter.

David Niven as Squadron Leader Peter David Carter
Kim Hunter as June
Roger Livesey as Doctor Frank Reeves
Marius Goring as Conductor 71
Raymond Massey as Abraham Farlan
Abraham Sofaer as the Judge/Surgeon
Joan Maude as the Chief Recorder
Kathleen Byron as an Angel
Richard Attenborough as an English Pilot
Bonar Colleano as an American Pilot
Robert Coote as Flying Officer Bob Trubshawe


View taken from Flat 1 (our home) looking upwardsover 'The Pound' right to the 'Old Fire Station' panning right up Middle Street.




View captured from the film, looking towards the square. Left to right: The White Horse, The Lavender Lady and Lower Street




1946 - Village Interlude

Production Company: British Documentary Films

Synopsis: Everyday life in a typical English village, Shere, in Surrey, seen through the eyes of local characters. (NFA Catalogue)


The village of Shere in Surrey 1940's

The village of Shere in Surrey. Excellent images of early post war life. Idyllic view of village life with blacksmith, village shop, church life, baker, horse drawn farming machines in use, basket making, village school, village stream and pub, cricket on the green...

You can view the film on the Huntley Film Archives page, along with two others, also filmed in Shere

Synopsis: The Oil industry in Arab country of Kuwait, Middle East 1960's. A young Kuwaiti man visits a typical idyllic English village. The village is Shere in Surrey.

Synopsis: How Londoners can get out for some fresh air in the countryside 1950's


1936 - Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk

also known as Father Takes a Walk,

is a British comedy film produced by Warner Brothers in the UK.

Old Mr. Cohen (Paul Graetz) simply walks away from his London department store, leaving his sons to run it.

Photo above - Lower Street (outside The Old Prison and Allotment gate)

Premier Info: London opening: 13 Dec 1935

Release: February 12th, 1936

Comedy, Drama - Teddington Studios, England

Director: William Beaudine

Cast: Chili Bouchier, Barry Livesey

1918 - Hearts of the World

Hearts of the World (1918) is a silent film directed by D.W. Griffith, a wartime propaganda classic that was filmed on location in Britain and near the Western Front, made at the request of the British Government to change the neutral mindset of the American public. - wikipedia

Official Poster

The 1919 DW Griffith silent "Hearts of the World" not only features a scene or two shot in Shere, Surrey, but in those scenes has the first ever (if uncredited) film role by Noel Coward, as a barrow boy.

Scene near the beginning of the Film: Abinger Hammer - see below location comparison:

Comparing photos: Scene from the Film - with Cows. Abinger Hammer postcard from almost the same direction


Scene 20 minutes into the Film: Gomshall Lane/Middle Street junction with Manor Cottage clearly seen the background



Outside Manor Cottage gate in the wall

And on the inside of Manor Cottage Garden Manor Cottage Garden


Starring Lillian Gish
Dorothy Gish
Ben Alexander
Robert Harron
Mary Harron
Sir Edward Grey
Erich von Stroheim
John Harron - 1
Noel Coward - 1
Note 1: uncredited



1899 - Fire Brigade turn-out in the country

This Film was shot in July 1899

Volunteer firemen at Shere, Surrey, harness a fire engine and ride away.

The film ends with The Rev. Frederick C. Hill walking upto and past the camera - Fascinating to not only see an image of what he looked like but to see him very much part of the Volunteer fireman of Shere - The Rev. Frederick C. Hill was the Hon. Secretary and is photographed with the men on numerous occassions and can be viewed on the Fire Station webpage.

We have secured Worldwide rights from the BFI (British Film Institute) to have this wonderful Social History film displayed and viewed for all to enjoy. Thanks go to the British Film Institute (BFI) for helping us achieve this.

Not only does it gives us a glimpse of the emergency fire call-out for the Voluntary Shere and Albury Fire Brigade but also show cases our local Shere man's Charles Goodwin Norton's work who has since become an internationally recognised pioneer of early cinematography.

Volunteer firemen at Shere, Surrey, harness a fire engine and ride away. This film shows the men and women of the village working together for the good of the community.

Some facts around the time of the erection of the Fire Station:
The Victorians invented the Fire Brigade as we know it in 1866.
The population of Shere in 1881 was 1,719.
Shere School, built in 1877, for 259 children; average attendance, 140.

The Shere Fire Brigade numbers 16 men;
Richard Askew, Shere and Albury Fire Chief.
Andrew Pables, Captain.
Thomas Langrish in Dec 1915 was issued the Fire Brigade NFBU 20 YR medal.
The medal is complete with box of issue and award confirmation slip.
(Thomas was born 1867 who was a Saddler at Shere and died in 1919).
There son, also named Thomas - Thomas Harvey Langrish was born in 1896 and went to Shoreham College where in 1912 he gained a Second Class Honours Pass with Distinction for London University Matriculation in Book keeping and Mensuration. In 1913 he gained a First Class Pass.
Thomas Harvey Langrishwent to fight for us in World War 1 (Rifleman Thomas Harvey Langrish ) and was sadly killed - Missing in action, with no known grave:
Arras Memoria, Bay 9
Pas de Calais

Rifleman Thomas Harvey Langrish. Service number S/16206; Regiment Rifle Brigade; Age 21; Died on 11 April 1917

LANGRISH, THOMAS HARVEY. Rifleman, S/16206. 13th (Service) Battalion, Rifle Brigade. 111th Brigade, 37th Division. Died Wednesday 11 April 1917. Aged 21. Born Shere, Guilford, Surrey. Enlisted London. Resided Sandwich, Kent. Son of Thomas and Susan Langrish (née Miles) of Shere, Guildford, Surrey. Commemorated on the Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. Bay 9. At the time of the 1901 census the Langrish family resided at Shere Street, Shere, Guilford, Surrey. Head of the house was 34 year old Thomas Langrish (senior) who was a Master Butcher, and a native of Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey. Mrs. Susan Langrish was aged 31 and a native of Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey. From 10 March to 5 April 1917, the13th (Service) Battalion, Rifle Brigade trained at Maisnil-St. Pol, three miles to the south east of St. Pol,training for the ‘Battle of Arras 1917.’ Originally the battle was planned to commence on 8 April, prior to which an artillery bombardment of four daysduration was carried out. On 5 April, orders were received by the units which were going to take part in the battle, to the effect that a change of plan had resulted in a delay of twenty four hours, which resulted in an extra day of shelling of the enemy positions, prior to zero hour at 0530 hours on 9 April. On the first day of the battle, Thomas’s battalion was in position in the corps reserve, and played no part in the costly assault on the German front line. As part of the same battle, Thomas was amongst the 45 other ranks deaths on the day that he fell. Source

The Allahakbarries was an amateur cricket team founded by 'Peter Pan' author J. M. Barrie, and was active from 1890 to 1913. Barrie rented a cottage in Shere and became friends with Edwin Lutyens’s (Lutyens was building a village shop and lodge for Reginald Bray at the time) - Barries cricket team, The Allahakbarries played one of their first matches against Shere Fire Brigade and the firemen won ‘by about 60’ runs.


More Details continued at the bottom of the Fire Station webpage




Extracts from:

The Beginnings Of The Cinema In England,1894-1901: Volume 4: 1899

By Mr John Barnes


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Other LOCAL Film locations

Here is a list of interesting movies, filmed near Shere:

1968: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Children's musical classic features the zig zag road of Box Hill, Dorking.

1976: The Omen (1976)
Guildford Cathedral was a perfect backdrop for this cult horror film.

1981: An American Werewolf in London
The Black Swan pub, in Effingham, doubled as the Slaughtered Lamb.

1997: Shooting Fish
Polesden Lacey in Bookham.

2006: Casino Royale (2006)
Daniel Craig's first outing as Bond - Dunsfold Park, near Cranleigh.

2007: Hippie Hippie Shake
Sienna Miller filmed a scene in a pond at Albury.

2008: The Duchess
Keira Knightley spent several days at Clandon Park, East Clandon.

2009: St Trinian's 2
Charterhouse School in Godalming.

2011: W.E.
Singer Madonna directs this romantic drama - Coverwood Lakes, Ewhurst

2013: Diana
Fetcham Park, near Leatherhead, doubled as The Ritz in Paris

2018: The Durrels (ITV drama)
Peaslake - televised in 2019

2019: CURSED (Netflix)
Albury Park - due out late 2019

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