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Prettiest Streets in Surrey

Last week's edition of The Surrey Mirror featured a list of eleven of the prettiest roads, streets and lanes in East Surrey and Mole Valley, posting a photo of 'Manor Cottage' on the Junction of Middle Street / Upper Street - READ article
© Surrey Mirror

23rd April 2017

Shere Village Cinema

I, Daniel Blake - April 23rd 2017

Upcoming, this Sunday April 23rd:

22nd April 2017

Shere - The Village in TNA, part 3

In our bi-weekly update from The National Archives:
Junction of Gomshall Lane / Middle Street

'Shere, Surrey - An Old Corner' (click on the above photo to view more detail)

Vine Cottages on the left, opposite Middle Street...

...Bank Terrace on the right - Note: the Village Hall has yet to be built.

The National Archives - Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU

Order number: 1275256 | Catalogue reference: INF 9/607/2

Special thanks to Paul Johnson,
The National Archives Image Library Manager

14th April 2017

Percy Lloyd - in auction

In 2014, a personal Percy Lloyd album containing 48 original photographs, was sold for £250.00 revealing some interesting 'unseen' photo's of Shere.

'Views of Surrey' (click on the above photo to view larger image and more detail)
James Edward Percy Lloyd (British, 1865-1946) "Views in Surrey," an album containing 48 vintage albumin-print landscapes in and around Albury and Shere, late 19th century, several with credits in the negative; mounted two to a page in a folio album bound in half morocco and cloth.

The Square Lower Street
St. James' St. James' - pre lychgate

(click on the above photo to view larger image and more detail)

7th April 2017

Shere Village Cinema

The Accountant - April 6th 2017

Upcoming, this Sunday April 6th:

6th April 2017

Shere - The Village in TNA, part 2

In our bi-weekly update from The National Archives - Lower Street

'Shere, Surrey - The Village' (click on the above photo to view more detail)
Order number: 1275256
Catalogue reference: INF 9/607/3

The National Archives - Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU

Special thanks to Paul Johnson,
The National Archives Image Library Manager

2nd April 2017

Shere - The Mistaken Village

I attended a 'Postcard' Fair and tucked away at the back were a series of old photographs, all labelled and catagorised by county. Curiosity drew me to 'Surrey' and the 'S' section. Nothing on 'Shere' but a few marked 'Sutton'.

I turned the section marker and 'WOW' our village. Not 'Sutton' but 'Shere'!!! The seller was adamant that it wasn't but once I explained that this was our home, his face lit up. Although pricey, this photo had to return to place it belonged...

...and this place is Middle Street. (click on the photo to for more detail).

Note, the Lady who lived in 'Ivy Cottage' cleaning her windows.

When was the photo taken? Clues are in the photo:

Blacksmith's Forge designed in the early 20th century by the local architect Edwin Lutyens is yet to be built. Bodryn to the right of the photo.

You can see the awening of Mr Jay's (Butcher' Shop and Horse Deliverie)' in the distance (now the Lavender Layde) and beyond, the White Horse. The Old Fire Station on the right (built 1885).

Panning left, across Middle Street, Wellers Coal Yard entrance can be clearly seen. Now Beaufield Mews which was subsequently built in 1910.

I would theirfore estimate that this photo iwas taken around 1899/1900.

Another photo, taken at the same time but from the other end of Middle Street was also marked up as being 'Sutton' - I'll be posting this here soon, so 'Stay-Tuned'.

25th March 2017

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

April 2017 ISSUE - Cover
Welcome to Spring - Flower montage by Jonathan Cross
April 2017 rear cover
Earl of Wessex is GASP's latest royal visitor

click images to view

92 pages packed full of local Parish News, includes:
On pilgrimage: The Rev Sarah Hutton
Our Holy Week & Easter programme
New street party planned for June
Shere School: the next steps

The new 92 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

24th February 2017

Shere - The Village in TNA

I can reveal that we have some exciting news. After three months of research and correspondence, this Shere Village website has located nine photo's of Shere Village held within The National Archives in Kew.

A fee has been paid to The National Archives (in addition to each individual photo), allowing these to be displayed on this Shere Village website in perpetuity.

These photo's will be uploaded, once every fortnight, to the photographs section. Lots to look forward to. Starting with the following photo of Middle Street:

'The Village' (click on the above photo to view larger image and more detail)
Order number: 1275256
Catalogue reference: INF 9/607/4

The National Archives - Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU

Special thanks to Paul Johnson,
The National Archives Image Library Manager

15th March 2017

Shere Village Cinema

Victoria March 19th 2017

Upcoming, this Sunday March 19th:
Victoria - DETAILS

14th March 2017

1946 - A Quiet Street view

Follow up to the previous post - 'An English Country Village'
This time a view from the other end of Middle Street, also taken in 1946.
(Photo by Ivan Dmitri/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images).

12th March 2017

1946 - An English Country Village

June 1st 1946 - An early colour photo of Middle Street from American photographer Michael Ochs and was part of his huge collection.
© Credit: Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer

8th March 2017

1895 Parish Magazine

The cover image that first appears on the January 1895 Shere Parish Magazine* has been identified as a painting by celebrated Victorian artist Benjamin Williams Leader. In 1889, Leader purchased Burrows Cross House, Shere where he lived until his dearh in 1926. The house was designed and built by the architect Richard Norman Shaw RA in 1885, for the portrait painter, Frank Holl (see below), as a country retreat and it had only just been completed when Holl died suddenly.

Title: Her First Born 1876 by Frank Holl - View from the Vestry door at St. James', looking towards 'The Square' ( pre-lychgate).

*Parish Magazine: The painting appears on all covers up to and including 1906 (Issues 1907 to 1917 are missing, we cannot speculate as to how many more issues the BW Leader painting was used on the cover.

3rd March 2017

Shere Village Cinema

Upcoming, this Thursday March 2nd:
Bridget Jones's Baby - DETAILS

2nd March 2017

1884 Middle Street - 'Afternoon'

Title: Afternoon - watercolour painting (click on the above photo to view detail)

Painted by James Douglas (b. 28th April 1858 in Dundee)
Date: Summer 1884 - Medium: Watercolour, - Size: 7 inches x 5"
and was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1885.

This painting shows Middle Street, looking towards Vine Cottage.

Watercolour Painting:
Middle Street in summer 1884
Digital Photograph:
Today, 133 years later in 2017

(click on the above photos to view larger image)

The 1884 painting shows 'Bodryn' (left) and on the right side of the painting, shows the original buildings. The photo shows in comparison, 'Bodryn' but on the right hand side, the now rebuilt building that became 'Forrest Stores' then 'Alldays 'and now the 'co-op'.

Thank you to James Barnes in Scotland for sharing his painting with us. James tells me,
"The painting was exhibited in a special exhibition of watercolours at the Royal Scottish Academy (not the RA) in 1885 together with other works entitled:
(a) Summer - Shere village, Surrey,
(b) Shere Church (also in my possession),
(c) A Surrey Farm and
(d) Springtime in Surrey.
I purchased 'Afternoon' at a sale held by Bonhams in Chelsea in 1994"

James Barnes goes on to explain that James Douglas "was only visiting the area when he produced the drawings of 1884-85. He did return to live in the area in 1901-02 when he lived at Well Cottage, Blackheath, Chilworth. He produced more watercolours of Surrey during this period and exhibited his work in London with the Surrey Art Circle".

James Barnes has been researching the life and work of James Douglas for over 30 years.  He wrote the catalogue produced for the James Douglas Exhibition held in the Perth Museum & Art Gallery in 2002 - MORE DETAILS and published the book:

"James Douglas R.S.W. (1858-1911): A Scottish Watercolourist"
in May 2002

27th February 2017

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

March 2017 ISSUE - Cover
Bishop Jo's historic visit to Shere
March 2017 rear cover
Artist Roz on the road to success

click images to view

88 pages packed full of local Parish News, includes:
Precious gift of water: The Rev Judy Potter
Lent and Holy Week Plans
Peaslake Free School to expand
New hairdresser's for Shere

The new 88 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

24th February 2017

St. James' feature - 111 years ago

The Builder - April 14 1906 (click on the above photo to view detail)
This issue has a double-page centrefold showing four views of St. James' Church :
View from South East (top left)
North Jamb of arch at east end of south aisle (top right)
View from West (bottom left)
South arch under tower (bottom right)

The Builder was a weekly magazine which began publication in 1843. It absorbed another journal titled "Architecture". In 1966, the journal ceased publication, and was continued by a journal named "Building".

20th February 2017

Shere Village Cinema

Upcoming, this Sunday February 19th:
Hunt for the Wilderpeople - DETAILS

17th February 2017

Painting - Village Market

Waterolour painting titled 'Village Market, Shere' was sold at auction for $125 at Liveauctioneers

Painted by Lilian Fendig (IN, 1912-1985) - The painting has to be pre 1966 as Dick and Elaine (Collins green grocers - see October 2016 entry) opened their shop that year. Previously it was Grovers, so my guess is that this painting is circa 1950s. Will try and find more information. This painting has been added to the paintings page.

14h February 2017

Milestone - 100,000 page visits

Thank you to everyone from the UK and around the world.

Our Village website, www.sheredelight.com, reached One Hundred Thousand visitors (100,000) on Thursday 9th February 2017. Since the start of this website in July 2011, the vsitor numbers have been accelerating year on year. Less than eighteen months ago (September 2015) the visitor numbers hit the 50,000 mark, so its quite heartning that these numbers have doubled. I get emails from all over the world, asking various questions regarding the village, sending me images of various "Shere" related photo's, sketches, paintings and memorabelia. Its a pleasure to share all this with you.

Google "Shere" and this website ranks top of the list at number 1, with "Shere - Wikipedia" listed second. An amazing achievement considering that we do not advertise or pay for web ranking. Its all due to "web footfall", so thank you to every visitor for your support, 100,000 times. Tristan

9th February 2017

UPDATE - March Edition of the Parish Magazine:

24th February 2017

Orchard House in 1915

Orchard House, Shere - Furnished Apartments - Mrs. A. Madgewick
This is a rare postcard, posted over 100 years ago in 1915, sent by Mrs. Madgewick to confirm meeting and collection at the train station.

Rear postcard - click images to view Close up of adults and children

Orchard House in 1915... ...and as it is today in 2017

Special thank's to Deborah and Ben Ben-Said.

5th February 2017

Shere Village Cinema

Eye in the Sky February 2nd 2017

2nd February 2017

10 of the best Romantic Spots

February 2017 ISSUE - Out Now

Feature: Shere is listed in the Top 10 of the best romantic spots in Surrey, along with Box Hill, Deepdene Trail, Friday Street, The Sculpture Park, Painshill Park, Richmond Hill, Virginia Water, Waverley Abbey and Winkworth Arboretum.

Our village website also gets a mention.

Editor's comment features a photo of St. James' church spire bathed in sunshine (photo © John Miller) on a winters day with the caption 'Shere is just one of Surrey's many romantic spots'

You can view more details on-line or head down to your local newsagents and pick up a copy. Lots of other features from various neighbouring towns/villages such as Cranleigh, Guildford, Puttenham, Ripley and West Horsley.

30th January 2017

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

February 2017 ISSUE - Cover
Detail from one of the stained glass windows at St. James', Shere
February 2017 rear cover
Happy ending in the saga
of Parsley

The new 84 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

27th January 2017

Aster's Tea Shop...
...stepping back in time

Aster's Tea Shop with beautiful flowers, hanging baskets and pot displays.

Aster's Tea Shop, Antiques and Gifts

Many of us know the building today as Cuckoo Corner. Roll the time back forty years and this pretty corner shop was known as "Aster's Tea Shop, Antiques and Gifts". Back in the 1980s, organised coach parties would specially come from London to Aster's to view the antiques and enjoy afternoon teas, such was owner Jean Watson's reputation.

Thanks to Jean for sharing the above photo with us. Jean is currently the longest proprieter in the village, with all three businesses having been in Middle Street. (Jean previously owned the tea shop, now named the Dabbling Duck, then Aster's and currently owns 'Shere Antiques' in the 'The Old Bakehouse').

This and other photo's from Jean can be found on the photo's page

26th January 2017


Apple Trees - photo ©Steve Cook, late 2005
This photo of the old cottage named 'Apple Trees", situated between the two pubs "The Prince of Wales" (William Bray) and "The White Horse" pubs. Many thanks to Steve Cook, who took this photo just before the land was cleared.
"The place had stood empty for quite a while after the death of Mr Clover and in this picture is rather overgrown. The garden in its day was one of the highlights of the Shere Open gardens event. The garden was amazing. Mr Clover had someone in to look after it when his wife was taken ill. He was quite a character, my then next door neighbour John Puttock and I were on the emergency call out and many a time we had to go and pick him up after he had slid out of his chair onto the floor.
As far as I can recall the picture would have been taken late 2005 or early 2006. The picture shows a new looking fence that lines the drive up to the car park. There used to be a very high hedge and tree lining to the drive that would have hidden the garden from view"
- Steve

TODAY - The homes built on the land of "Apple Trees" are called "Hop Gardens" - Special thanks Steve for sharing this with us.

1928 view - photo © Francis Frith same view, 80 years on in 2008
(click on the photo's above to view more detail)
24th January 2017

Film Set Page update - 1952

Film actress Natasha Parry at Gomshall and Shere railway station
A new film, Crow Hollow, has just come to light with a scene from the 'Gomshall and Shere' rail station platform.

Crow Hollow is a 1952 British Mystery and Suspense film directed by Michael McCarthy and stars Donald Houston and Natasha Parry.

The Film Set page has more information on this 65 year old movie, including a video clip of the scene.


20th January 2017

Mystery solved - High House

High House in 1977 40 years on in 2017

The mystery of the 1977 'Mill House' photo posted last week has been solved! The property is in fact, High House.
(click on the photo's aboveto view more detail).

High House (circa 1630), behind St James church, has been part of the Bray estate for hundreds of years. It was lived in by the Booth family from the 1920s to the 1970s.  Molly Booth then moved to Orchard Cottage, where she lived until her death at the age of 96 in 1996.

Many thanks to Ed and Jonathan Booth for the valuable update

16th January 2017

1970s - '72 and '77 photographs

Photographs taken in the seventees, have been added to the PHOTOS page:

1972 - Bedford OB / Duple bus - Tony McCann Coaches CFV 851 travelling down Gomshall Lane passing Kinghams.

1977 - The Mill House - A series of three photo's taken by a family in Melbourne, Australia during their summer holiday in Shere. The puzzle for me is that I don't recognise the property and wondered if anyone could help? Thanks to Ruth Brand for sharing these photo's with us.

Feeding the ducks St. James'

Ruth plans to travel from Melbourne this summer to re-visit Shere forty years on. "Hoping you have a lovely stay here in our village Ruth, and tht it brings back happy memories of your first stay here".

1950 - 1999 photo's

13th January 2017

Shere Village Cinema

Upcoming, this Sunday January 15th:
The Man Who Knew Infinity - DETAILS

12th January 2017


Gomshall Lane: One of two photo's of Shere village, taken by Sir Henry Cole (creator of the first Christmas card and founder of the Victoria and Albert museum in London) - VIEW MORE

The photographs page is now divided into three sections due to the volume of uploads:

Quick Link to Years:

1850 - 1949 | 1950 - 1999 | 2000 onwards

7th January 2017

Shere Village Cinema

January 5th: Easy Virtue - DETAILS

3rd January 2017

Happy New Year

Wishing You all a very Happy 2017

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Village website by sharing photo's, paintings and stories related to Shere.

Also to all visitors to this website - 95,750 in total.
That's 30,000 this year alone.

The postcard above was used to send best wishes for a Happy New year around 1900, some 117 years ago. (click on the photo to view).

Postcards were often used for Christmas / New Years good will messages.

1st January 2017

NEW Parish magazine out NOW

January 2017 ISSUE - Cover
A new dawn and a happy
New Year to all !
January 2017 rear cover
Dawn on the front,
dusk on the back

The new 88 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW

30th December 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

A marvellous turn out this Christmas (click on the photo to view)

Many thanks to Seb Guettier for sending in the above photo of 'Carols in the Square'.
Seb: "I was visiting my Mum and Sister who live in Farley Green and Chilworth respectively, this Christmas. I was delighted to attend the carol service, and have a couple of drinks in the White Horse afterwards. What a lovely village-y Christmas Eve."

30th December 2016

2016 NEWS

2016 and OLDER NEWS added to the archives.

2016 NEWS

January 2015

Archive News...

For all archive news (2011 to present):

2016 NEWS | 2015 NEWS | 2014 NEWS

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Shere as a Film location

The village has been the home to various film locations,
such as The Wedding Date (Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney)
Wedding scenes and shots of 'The Square'

Bridgette Jones - The Edge of Reason
(Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent)

The Holiday
(Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law)
Various village shots

The Ruling Class
1972 (Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe). Shots of 'The White Horse interior and outside shots of 'The Square'.
WATCH video clip (Inside the pub and outside in The Square).

Hearts of the World
(DW Griffith 1918 silent film) - some location shots. Starring Erich Von Stroheim, D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, Noël Coward, Dorothy Gish, Robert Anderson, Robert Harron, Billy Bitzer, William "Wild Bill" Elliott and features David Lloyd George.

A Matter of Life and Death
Shere was used as Dr. Reeve's village in the 1946 film
(David Niven and Kim Hunter) but seen very briefly through camera obscura that if you blink you would miss it.

The Earth Dies Screaming Shere was the location for the 1965 science fiction film which was mainly filmed around 'The Square' - see the newly planted Oak Tree below



Many more Hollywood films and actors, including two ex-James Bond actors - Sir Roger Moore and Sir Sean Connery as well as notable actors: Sir Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Camron Diaz, Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Michael Winner (Director), Michael Kitchen, Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Peter O'Toole, Alastair Sim, William Mervyn, Coral Browne, Harry Andrews, Carolyn Seymour, James Villiers and Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Lynch, Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Kathleen Harrison, Eleanor Summerfield,, Eric Barker, Victor Maddern, Barbara Windsor, David Niven, Kim Hunter, Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Noel Coward, Diana Rigg, Harry Hill, Simon Day, David Mitchell, Ben Miller, Emily Watson, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Natasha Parry - View the FILM page for more

See the FILM page

Access by Bus and Rail

The nearest train stations to Shere are:
Gomshall train station (0.9 miles)
Chilworth train station (2.7 miles)
Clandon train station (4.3 miles)

Gomshall station was previously known as Gomshall & Shere, as it also serves the adjacent village of Shere.
It has been an unmanned station since 1967.

There are buses from the village that run every half that stops at
'The Compasses Pub' in Gomshall - This takes 3 minutes according
to the time table and means that you only walk 0.2 mile from there to
the train station  
- so a max time of a 5 minute walk - Total time is 8 minutes from
Shere to the station by bus/foot.


by train - National RAIL WEBSITE times:

Gomshall to London Waterloo - Total time = 58 minutes

with 1 change at Guildford

Gomshall to Guildford = 15min
Waiting time between trains = 9min
Guildford to - London Waterloo = 34min
TOTAL: 58 minutes

ALTERNATIVELY - Gomshall to London Bridge
- Total time = 69 minutes

with 1 change (Redhill)

Gomshall to Redhill = 21min
Waiting time between trains = 12min
Redhill to - London Bridge = 36min
TOTAL: 69 minutes

Seems that Train travel is rising, heading for twice the amount of passengers in the past ten years. Annual rail passenger usage*:
(Clandon figures compared as its a direct line to London)
1997/98: 17,780. (Clandon 142,780)
1998/99: 20,269. (Clandon 147,359)
1999/00: 26,484. (Clandon 155,727)
2000/01: 26,992. (Clandon 151,730)
2001/02: 25,660. (Clandon 140,098)
2002/03: 26,245. (Clandon 140,085)
2003/04: No data available
2004/05: 27,136. (Clandon 149,556)
2005/06: 28,968. (Clandon 141,921)
2006/07: 28,999. (Clandon 152,813)
2007/08: 32,978. (Clandon 178,203)
2008/09: 39,770. (Clandon 185,630)
2009/10: 41,040. (Clandon 177,902)
2010/11: 46,628. (Clandon 188,300)
2011/12: 50,736. (Clandon 186,530)
2012/13: 59,290. (Clandon 187,258) - Gomshall continues high growth (exceeds double figures over the last 10 years)
2013/14: 59,226. (Clandon 202,062) - Gomshall: Numbers stabalised.
2014/15: 58,430. (Clandon 216,602) - Gomshall: Numbers down.
2015/16: 56,806. (Clandon 222,396) - Gomshall: Numbers dropping.

* Annual estimated passenger usage based on sales of tickets in stated financial year(s) which end or originate at Gomshall from
Office of Rail Regulation statistics

Gomshall and Shere Railway station - 24th July 1937

Visit Train Station page



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