Paintings of Shere

Before the age of the photograph, the only way of illustrating or describing a village, other than the writen word was through the medium
of paintings. Shere, it has been said, "is one of the prettiest villages in Surrey, often claimed by many as the most beautiful" and not
without reason. It is truly part of England's "garden"
. Quote by T. A. Wilkie (Surrey County Journal)

The following paintings show the village through the ages, painted in various mediums. Copyright remains with the artist, all rights reserved.

Shere Paintings / drawings arranged in Chronological date order...

...starting with oldest first - If you see any paintings that do not appear on this page, please drop me a line. Tristan Greatrex

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Benjamin Williams Leader - 1900

The Village Church - 1900

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader (1831-1923)

Medium: Oil on canvas, 48" x 72"

Location: St. James' Church, Shere


Leader first painted St James' Church in 1892, but this particular view was begun in 1894. Later he made the trees more bushy, added some central figures and a flock of birds in the top right hand corner before
signing and dating it 1900.

Shere Church, Surrey
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated 1900 lower left
76 x 61 cm (30 x 24 in)

St James's church in Shere was a popular subject with artists of the time and Leader himself returned to it several times in his career. The earliest rendering of 1892, his first known attempt, depicts St James's from a more distant perspective. Here, the landscape dominates and it was not until his next representation - the present work - 'The village church', in 1894, that the actual building became prominent. The revised view point seems more successful, and the picture was exhibited at the Royal Academy (no.484) before finding its way onto the front cover of the Shere Parish Magazine. Indeed, Leader acknowledged this improvement himself, writing "...have taken up my church picture again painted the tower and spire and have done it well".

The artist executed this work whilst grieving for his recently deceased and much beloved sister Patty. Years later and with lifted spirits, he was to add the figures we see in the foreground and date it '1900', a gesture symbolising the conclusion of his mourning period. Ruth Wood

Ruth Wood's publication,
Benjamin Williams Leader, R.A., 1998


The Village Church, has now been acquired by Great Grooms antiques centre in West Street, Dorking.

£45,000 (February 2007)


Benjamin Williams Leader - 1900

A Bye Path, Burrows Cross - 1900

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

Medium: Oil on canvas, signed and dated lower left B. W. Leader 1900, 53 x 42 cm

abt 1900

Lady feeding Birds - 'Shere Village, Surrey - Street Scene with Female Figure, A Church in the Distance


Medium: Oil on Canvas, 21" x 16"

Location: Lower Street looking towards St. James Church

abt. 1900

Charles James ADAMS (1859-1931)

Evening on Shere Common with cattle

Watercolour, 19 x 38cm


Benjamin Williams Leader - 1901

Title: On the Banks of the Tillingbourne, Surrey - 1901

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

Note: I have also seen this painting with an alternative title:
The Tillingbourne Stream

Oil on Canvas 20 x 30"

Description: The buildings depicted in On the Banks of the Tillingbourne are probably the various cottages bordering the stream on the edge of Shere close to the Church of St James'.

Benjamin Williams Leader - 1901

Title: The Weald of Surrey - 1901

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader
signed and dated 'B.W.LEADER.1901.' (lower left)

oil on canvas : 59 x 47 in. (149.8 x 119.3 cm.)

Benjamin Williams Leader - 1901

Title: View from Burrows Cross - 1901

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

Size: 40cm x 60cm

Benjamin Williams Leader - 1903

Title: Surrey Pastures - 1903

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader
signed and dated 'B.W. Leader 1903' (lower left)

oil on canvas 20 x 30 in. (50.8 x 76.2 cm.)

Edward Renard - 1903

Painter: Edward Renard ARCA, British exh 1880-1909
Medium: watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated 1903
Size: 30.5x24cm

Two Victorian Artists from Shere

Kate Rogers 1861-1942
William Henry Hyde (1858 - 1943)

Kate was the fifth child of W. Harry Rogers, born August 24, 1861, in Wimbledon, Surrey.  She was barely 12 years old when her father died and two years later, her mother died and she went to live with her Aunt Mary Eliza Rogers.  She became a china painter at the studio of the Doulton Co. in Lambeth in 1880 and worked there until she married William Hyde in 1895.  Examples of her work can be found in Carrara, Impasto and Faience Wares, as well as on Earthenware pottery produced from Lambeth at the time.  She seems to have specialized in flowers, fruit and leaves, which she painted onto the pottery with sure unhesitated brush strokes.  To assist her in her work, she made many water colour studies of wild and cultivated flowers.  Her water colour paintings of flowers and landscapes were exhibited with the Society of British Artists and she was a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours from 1883 to 1890.

1885, Kate and William Hyde made their home at Sayers in the village of Shere, Surrey.  They had three children as follows:
Sydney Rogers Hyde, born in 1896; Lydia (Bay) Hyde (1901-1980); Mary Elizabeth Hyde (1905-1983)



The Church of Shere - 1904
illustration © William Henry Hyde


That Splendid Avenue Of Limes - The Lime Walk

Taken from the book, The Old Road by H. Belloc

with illustrations by William Hyde
1904 - London - Archibald Constable and Company

The White Horse, Shere
painter: William Henry Hyde

Interesting as the painting is named 'The White Horse' but named after, the Pub or the Horse? or both?



Shere Surrey - 1904

Painter: W.A. Wells

Medium: Pen and Ink - signed and dated 17th September 1904


Knapps Cottage in Upper Street

Jotter painting
One of Six Views of Surrey

Published in August 1905 as part of a postcard "Jotter Art series".

"Jotter" worked for several publishers and also painted under the name of Hayward Young.
As "Jotter" he painted mainly topographical scenes, Tuck published twenty-eight sets of six alone, and as Hayward Young he painted subjects.

Surrey Six Collection:
Esher Old Church, Surrey
Tumbling Bay, Guildford
Fruit Blossom at East Clandon, Surrey
Shere, Surrey
Springtime on a Surrey Common
Gomshall Mill, Surrey

Location: Knapps Cottage, Upper Street

Benjamin Williams Leader - 1905

Title: Morning - 1905

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader
signed and dated 'B.W.LEADER.1905.' (lower left)

oil on panel - 18 x 14 in. (45.8 x 35.5 cm.)

Notes: This plein air oil sketch was originally one of a pair with Evening. Of identical measurements, they were offered together at Christie's in May 1919. The landscape suggests that it is a view of the rural countryside near Burrow's Cross, at Gomshall in Surrey, where Leader had relocated from Worcestershire in 1889 - Ruth Wood


Postcard Sketches







A Landscape near Shere

Painter: James Peel RBA (1811-1906)

Medium: Oil - 26" x 16"




At Shere Surrey

Painter: James Peel RBA (1811-1906)

Medium: Oil on canvas - 40.6 x 66 cm. (16 x 26 in.)

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A Landscape near Shere

Painter: James Peel RBA (1811-1906)

Medium: Oil - 26" x 16"




At Shere Surrey

Painter: James Peel RBA (1811-1906)

Medium: Oil on canvas - 40.6 x 66 cm. (16 x 26 in.)

Sold at Auction in 1996
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The Old Mill, Gomshall, Surrey - 1906

Painter: Blandford Fletcher (1858-1936)

Location: Gomshall

©All rights reserved, Photo credit: Southwark Art Collection



The Square - 13th September 1907

Painter: Albert T. Pile MSM, FRSA, SGA (1882-1981)

Artist Details

Location: The Square, Shere

FOR SALE (5th January 2017)


Upper Street - 16th September 1907

Painter: Albert T. Pile MSM, FRSA, SGA (1882-1981)

Artist Details

Location: The Square, Shere

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Shere Church - 1908

Illustrator: Hugh Thomson


Illustrator: Hugh Thomson -
See 1908/1909 - Highways and Byways of Surrey

1909 - Benjamin Williams Leader

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader
signed B. W. Leader and dated 1909 in the lower left corner

gouache on paper, 48 by 72 cm.

Pine trees, and with a boy and girl, border collie, and sheep in the foreground


The White Horse Inn Shere, Shere

Illustrator: A. E. Proctor

Taken from "Walks & Talks about Shere by R. J. Askew
(paperback version)

1910 - Benjamin Williams Leader

Title: 'A Surrey Woodland', with figures on track - 1910

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

Oil on Canvas, Signed and Dated 1910, 16" x 24".


The White Horse Inn Shere, Shere

T H E   P I L G R I M S’   W A Y




Painter: William V. H. Cobbett - 1911

Size: 23.50x33.50 cm

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<Provenance and Authenticity>

It is Personally Signed Lower Left "William V. H. Cobbett" By the Artist, Dated 1911

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William Vines Holt Cobbett (Active 1880s-1910s)

Landscape and Architectural Painter in Oil and Watercolour

Member of The Royal Society of British Artists, Exhibited with the Society

Early works were mostly Venetian Scenes, Later works were Landscape Near Surrey

 A Solicitor who Lived and Worked in Richmond, Surrey England

His Daughter Hilary Dulcie Cobbett (1885-1976) was Marine and landcape artist,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01item=cobbett&cntnt01returnid=181

<Work Represented>

Brighton Art Gallery, England

Private and Institutional Collections in Australia and Overseas

<References and Publications>

British and Irish Paintings in Public Collection


Parklands Farm - 1912


Adam Edwin Proctor - Pre 1913

A Shere Cottage Surrey - Medium: Oil on Canvas

Painter: Adam Edwin Proctor

Location: Vine Cottage

Vine Cottage today - 2012



And A Girl On A Bridge Over A Stream

Painter: Adam Edwin Proctor

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dear Tristan, thanks so much for putting together the paintings of Shere.  Adam Edwin Proctor (1864-1913) was my Grandfather and was born at Brook and lived at Brook most of his life.  Many of his paintings were of the Shere area.  A lot of pictures were given away to local people in return for goods and services and are probably still in the families.  I have a couple of pictures of places near Shere - one of Paddington Pond (I think) near Abinger Hammer, where I used to live, and one of some houses in Gomshall on the Tillingbourne.

I attach a picture - he used to paint in Holland:

Adam Edwin Proctor, painting in Holland

Best wishes  Chris

Chris Holtom CBE
Mars Omega LLP
123 Pall Mall - London SW1Y 5ED


The Tanner Picture - 1902 - Adam Edwin Proctor
Thanks to Chris Holtom for the painting


The Proctors at Albury / Brook

Adam with his father and brothers




Thanknyou Chris for the above photos - ©Chris Holtom CBE


SHERE - 1913

Painter: Max Ludby  (1858 - 1943)

Medium: Watercolour - 13.2 x 20.1 in  / 33.5 x 51 cm

1913 - Benjamin Williams Leader

Title: Surrey Common - 1913

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

A Surrey Common (Near Gomshall)
signed and dated 'B.W.Leader 1913' (lower left) and signed and inscribed 'A Surrey Common/B.W. Leader' (on the stretcher)
oil on canvas
20 x 30 in. (50.8 x 76.2 cm.)

James S. Ogilvy

Silent Pool by James S. Ogilvy

Appeared in the following publication:

A Pilgrimage in Surrey by James S Ogilvy

Two large decorative volumes published in 1914 by George Routledge & Sons Ltd

With 94 colour plates by the author.

1915 - Benjamin William Leader
Sat March 13th 1915

Surrey Ad - © The BNPA

Benjamin William Leader's paintings are currently exhibited publicly at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Gallery in London, and in Worcester (the largest collection of his works in Britain by far), Manchester, Birmingham and other regions in Britain. The Cambridge gallery in Santa Monica, USA, also has several of his works. Many, in addition, are held by private collectors. In 2003, "A Summer's Day (1888) sold at aution for £168,000 at Sotheby's.

Hi s eldest son Benjamin Eastlake Leader was sadly kiled in the First World War in October 1916 - Visit the the HISTORY page to read more.

His son Edward Eastlake Leader born. 28 Aug 1882 represented Great Britain in the 1908 London Olympics - again visit the the HISTORY page to read more.

1915 - Benjamin Williams Leader

Title: Surrey Corn Fields

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

signed and dated 'B.W. LEADER. 1915.' (lower left) and signed and indistinctly inscribed 'Surrey Corn Fields. B.W. Leader.' (on the stretcher) oil on canvas 12 x 18 in. (34 x 49 cm.)

PROVENANCE Gooden Fox, on behalf of the Sir Harry Veitch Trust; Christie's, 22 October 1954, lot 83 (63 gns. to Leggatt). Anon sale, Sotheby's London, 14 June 1967, lot 197. with Gooden & Fox, London.

EXHIBITION Exeter, The Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

1916 - Benjamin Williams Leader

Quiet Evening Surrey Pines - 1916

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

oil on canvas 221/4 x 16 in. (56.6 x 38.2 cm.)

18 years earlier, Benjamin William Leader painted the same view, clearly the same tree configuration.

1898 painting - Evening in a Surrey Pinewood 1916 painting: Quiet Evening, Surrey Pines

(click on the above photos to view larger image)

pre- 1917

Shere, Surrey; And Sonning, Berkshire

Painter: Edward Henry Holder  (1864 - 1917)   England

Medium: Oil on Canvas 13 x 34.1 in  / 33 x 86.5 cm

Strange combination painting with Shere and Sonning in one scene


In Shere Village - 1918-1920

Painter: Gordon Home

Medium: Pencil

circa 1920

The Square, Shere

Painter: Joseph Andrews (b. 1874)

Watercolour, in the village of Shere, Surrey. 28cm x 43cm

circa 1920

Old Gaol (Old Prison), lower Street

Illustrator: R.J. Askew

Taken from his book "Walks & Talks about Shere" - first published 1915

circa 1920

A Snow Scene + Early English Font (click on the picture below)

Illustrator: R.J. Askew

Taken from his book "Walks & Talks about Shere" - first published 1915

1922 - Benjamin Williams Leader



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Title: View from Burrows Cross

Painter: Benjamin Williams Leader

board Oil Painting (13x16in)

The following year Benjemin Williams Leader died at his home "Burrows Cross House" on the 22nd March 1923.


Shere Surrey April 1923 - Vine Cottage

Size: 21.5 x 33.2cm (8.5" x 13.1") - Graphite Drawing - Unknown artist


Shere Surrey April 1923 - Kinghams (Oak Cottage as it was then)

Size: 21.5 x 33.2cm (8.5" x 13.1") - Graphite Drawing - Unknown artist

George Edward Collins

George Edward Collins - 1880-1968
above painting: Helen Collins
Collection: Guildford House Gallery )

George Edward Collins was born at 19 Horsham Road in October 1880. He studied at Epsom, Lambeth School of Arts and “The Langham”.

Son of the Victorian genre painter Charles Collins, George Edward Collins was trained as an artist from the outset. He was a watercolourist, etcher and book illustrator, who specialised in natural history subjects.

Specialising mainly in Natural History; Collins was the second generation to work at Ernest Nister. One of his water colours of a robin nesting in a golden syrup tin was used by Lyles as an advertisement. He also succeeded his father as Art Master at Dorking High School.

He taught art at King Edward VI School in Guildford between 1911 and 1947, and his published book illustrations range from those for The Natural History and Antiquities of Selbourne by Gilbert White (1911) to Wildlife in a Southern Country by John R. Jeffries (1937). As an etcher, he concentrated specifically upon the wild birds of England, depicting his subjects in meticulous detail, and always in a naturalistic setting

George married Clara (another artist) in 1916; they remained in Dorking residing at 15 Arundel Road. They had two children; a son and a daughter, Helen, who painted horses.

During the First World War George served with a Searchlight Battery and after his retirement in 1947 painted bird pictures and the ancient buildings of Surrey in the countryside around his home. He died in 1967 and is buried with Clara in Peaslake.

Drawings by George Edward Collins on a Tea Towel
- on sale at Shere Museum

Charles Arthur Wheeler

Shere Date Unknown
ARTIST: Charles Arthur Wheeler (1881-1977) Australian
Upper Street/Middle Street - Vine cottage on the left and Manor Cottage on the right

pre- 1926

Just Before Moonrise, Shere

Painter: Helen Allingham  (1848 - 1926)

Medium: Watercolour - 5.1 x 5.5 in  / 13 x 14 cm

1929 (abt.) - George Oyston

Sheep Grazing at Shere

The above estimated painting date of 1929 is made as the following
paintings were in the same area:

River Landscape, near Guildford, Surrey     37x52  Watercolour/paper  

t Shalford, Near Guildford, Surrey 1929 25x35.5 Watercolour, gouache/paper
Near Wansborough, Guildford, Surrey 17.8x25.9 Watercolour/paper

George Oyston (1860 - 1937) - was born in North Shields, circa 1860, the son of an engineer, he painted in both oil and watercolour and specialised in landscapes, river scenes and genre subjects. It is recorded that he was living in North Shields in the 1880s where he practised as a professional artist in his native town sending many works for exhibition at the Berwick Club in Newcastle. His address in 1891 was in London. In 1897 he moved to Walton on Thames and Shepperton on Thames. He painted many views around the River Thames in Surrey as well as other landscapes in Surrey and Hampshire. He exhibited between 1891 and 1897 at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and the Royal Society of British Artists.

Watercolour - Image 39cm x 15cm


Shere Village, Surrey - 1920's/30's

Painter: A.F. Wilkinson

Medium: Watercolour - 9" x 6" - Location: The Square, looking towards Pantry's

circa 1930s

The Square

Painter: John Victor Emms (1879–1964)

Painted anytime between these dates, so guessing around the 1930s period.

Upper Street

Painter: John Victor Emms (1879–1964)

Painted anytime up to the fiftees

John V. Emms (1879 - 1964) original watercolor painting on paper of view Upper Street, Shere, England - signed - framed - 15 cm wide - 11,5 cm high - in frame 30 cm wide - 26 cm high


1930s - B. Fairbanks

A Street scene of Shere Village Surrey showing 'The White Horse' and the well known Geese crossing the road.

An Oil painting signed by B Fairbanks thought to be executed between 1920-1950

Oil on Canvas - Image 51x65cm



The Builders, Shere, Surrey' c.1931

Painter: Sir Henry Rushbury (British 1889-1968)

Medium: watercolour figural street scene - 24 cm x 35.5 cm - source


Shere - 22nd March 1938

Painter: Reynolds William

Medium: Pencil 170mm x 240mm

1938 Stanley Roy Badmin

Painting: Shere '38, Greengrocer & Fishmonger

Painter: Stanley Roy Badmin (British 1906-1989) RWS RE AIA FSIA

Medium: Watercolour over pencil

Above: Proof etched outline

Medium: various as shown above - watercolour over pencil, signed, titled and dated July 28th in pencil, sheet size 17.5cm x 22.5cm, together with a proof etched outline with pencil annotations and an aquatint of the same subject.

14 Jun 2017 10:00 BST
TOOVEY'S A24 Washington, West Sussex

source - the saleroom

1938 Dennis Coyle

Shere - Middle Street

Wood engraving

Artist - Dennis Coyle
Date - 1938

1942 Arthur Charles Fare

The Church - Shere

Pencil and Watercolour

Artist - Arthur Charles Fare

Pencil & watercolour painting of the church shere surrey, signed lower right "A.C. Fare. R.W.A. and dated during WWII, Sep 18th 1942, the image measures 13 x 10 inches and the original frame measures 22 x 16 inches.

Arthur Charles Fare 1876-1959, was a watercolour painter of landscapes and architectural subjects, who was born in Bath. He was an elected Member and regular exhibitor at the West of England Academy and showed 106 paintings there between 1922 and 1956. He was also a Member of the Bristol Savages and their President in 1927. He showed 200 works with them between 1922 and 1958. 

Apart from his artistic work, he was a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a practising architect. He played tennis, loved swimming and playing chess. 

As well as West country landscapes, he painted in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. The Bristol City Art Gallery holds some of his works. He died at his home in Upper Belgrave Road, Bristol in 1958. 

He is listed on the Bristol Savages website, and in Hidden Talents, A Dictionary of Neglected Artists by Jeremy Wood. Auction results for works by this artist may be found at findartinfo 21, artprice 91, artnet 4 and arcadja 21. 

FOR SALE - £100 (August 2016)